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Some Interesting Questions "How Does Last Fm Decide ...

  • Some Interesting Questions "How Does Last Fm Decide ...

    A. What is played next
    B. Who your neighbors are
    C. Pay for royalties
    D. If the music plays forever

    ---------------------------------- No Mooch -------------
    E.Do I have to use a constant bobble (I can't see the definition now) to get a constant flow of awesome music ? Do I have to worry about being a less boble than any other (having my playlist bobled more often from my purchases/collection of music etc - I have lots of music in non digital media,records,tapes,cds etc. But rarely if lately purchase digital music that would have the tags on them.). Not trying to be cute.
    F. If I play music I purchase it is added to the list of bobles or to the playlist for the player.?
    ----------------------------------------------Double vision ------------------
    XP sp3 extra consideration for installation
    G. I have several user accounts on my desktop pc here. The instalation of the program stops short of installing the 'plug in'when the account is less priviledged. Thus it appears that two instances of installing the application is installed on the same machine with the same apherent User of Of course the solution is to install the 'less priviledged account',using priviledges,then change them back after installing.

    But does having two instances of the program make any difference to the program ? [ ]
    Or is this technically installed inncorrectly.

    H. Is the User Name,Password at the desktop,when installed the same as that used when initially creating the account at the web site [ ]


    H.1 This is the information for user,and password at this forum as well [ ]

    Do I have to pay to listen ?
    Is the holder of these great tunes [ ]
    Or is this something of a stream from some celestial user . (No Kidding c.U.s.) [ ]

    Now that the serious stuff is over.

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