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Ipod 4th Gen won't scrobble!!

  • Ipod 4th Gen won't scrobble!!


    I haven't the latest versions of Itunes and Last.FM. But nothing I do will make my Ipod scrobble. Itunes doesn't start automatically or automatically sync my Ipod when I plug it in, so I can't understand why it doesn't work.

    I get the pop-up's saying 'Ipod ready for scrobbling' but nothing happens when I close Itunes. Even if I have sync the Ipod. Tried absolutely everything I can.

    Any suggestions?
    Would be greatful.
    Thank you.

  • also..

    It now says 'no Ipod scrobbles were found'.
    I've listened to the Ipod all day, so I know that's not true.

  • I feel you sister

    Same problem I've been having. Tried all the tricks and nothing.

  • Iscrob..

    Hey, I have found something that finally works! It's called IScrob, you can download it on the app store, its amazing! :D Finally, my ipod scrobbles!

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