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A word of advice for companies and

  • A word of advice for companies and

    In light of the hacking scandals that have been coming to our attention.

    Yes, hacking is irratating and a nuniance and anyone who does it has no life ect etc #sameoldexcuses.

    However, they are proving something that is and has been wrong with the world since the dawn of industries and mass companies.

    Passwords, as in cyberspace, codes, as in high sercuity areas on doors etc and other measures to protect ourselves from thieves, scrougers and other tasteless undeserving human vermin. Should, I say again SHOULD, be tested on a programme internally, nationally and internationally.

    By meaning, for instance SHOULD prompt you to CHANGE your password every so often (like 70 days?) so hackers hacking gets old pretty quickly.

    This russian dude or whoever the hell he think he is, probably had this thing (bet you he calls this sort of thing 'projects' in his own fantasy of a world) going since forever and only just got enough info to release 'the beast' which he had prepared. So, what if I or another use changed their passwords AFTER he hacked into YOUR systems and retrived my old one?

    = Old news. No one cares about the poor hacker no more.

    = hacker loses attention

    = hacker gets no headlines or 'glory'

    = the hacker , who is probably a megamaniac/egomanic, will drift away and probably die or some ****. or maybe create a massacre or whatever.

    so just a heads up...

    maybe this should be law. I thought we had enough already but they missed out an important antidote to their secruity issues....



    ps I dont care if this evades your forum rules. Im posting this for justice and sensibility. mod me and your just as worse as them.

    pss. maybe thats too harsh?

    psss. now that just too many ps's dude

    pssss. no its not...its latin..

    psssss, I am pretty sure, there is no plural of a plural in latin....

    psssss, i am definatrly offtopic now...

    pssssss, yeah you are, stop it. (also its a bit weird typing to yourself in your own topic)


  • Just a few postscripts then, I change my passwords roughly every 2 - 4 months.

    "I never picked cotton"
  • mickeymay1968 said:
    Just a few postscripts then, I change my passwords roughly every 2 - 4 months.

    hehe yeah.

    Yeah i try to but sometimes i am not actually on the website for like 6 months, just playing music through ipod or itunes ect or my phone...

    just a little pop up going 'we suggest you should change your password its been 70 days since you have done so'

    • Babs_05 said...
    • Moderator
    • 8 Jun 2012, 23:24
    Seems to me you are aware this falls outside forum rules.


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