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PM Cameron: No 'grand deal' with Murdochs

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    • 29 Apr 2012, 19:30

    PM Cameron: No 'grand deal' with Murdochs


    David Cameron says there was "no grand deal" with the Murdochs in return for their newspapers supporting the Conservatives before the 2010 election.

    The PM told the BBC he made policies because they were "right for our country", not to suit newspaper owners.

    He said he did not believe Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt had broken rules over his office's contact with News Corp during its bid to take over BSkyB...

    ...Mr Hunt has denied Labour claims they show the firm had a "back channel" of influence to his office but his special adviser quit, saying the extent of contact had not been authorised by Mr Hunt.

    Labour says the culture secretary himself should go - because the ministerial code says ministers are responsible for their own actions and those of their special advisers....

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