• outbox?

    a "sent pm" box would be neat, i have a hard time remembering what i wrote.

    yeah, that's all. thx.

    • weird0 said...
    • User
    • 5 Sep 2005, 15:28
    i'd like to see this too. shouldn't be so hard to implement :P

    thanks and cheers,

    • smutek said...
    • User
    • 8 Sep 2005, 11:22
    yep, it'd be nice feature...
    Moreover, nowadays, when PMs used to go on holiday, it'd make an execution of re-send much easier ;o)

    Edited by smutek on 8 Sep 2005, 11:22
  • ooh, I was just going to come here and suggest that but you beat me to it. That the default reply includes the previous message is nice, but I'd rather take it out and just have the old messages in the outbox.

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