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29 January Site Update (Spotify in page playback)

  • 29 January Site Update (Spotify in page playback)

    Hey there,

    We’ve recently been working closely with Spotify to allow you to play music from their catalogue directly from, the feature has been available as a lab and today we’re super excited to be making it available to everyone. It’s still in beta so check out the list of known issues, and let us know if you run into any other problems.

    We’re also rolling out the new player to all users worldwide, for free and without limitation. This now replaces our traditional ad-supported radio.

    If you are a subscriber, you can still choose between the new player and the traditional one using the ‘switch back to the old radio’ link at the top of the Listen page as before.*

    The Webteam

    *This is no longer the case.

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  • there is no ‘switch back to the old radio’ link at the top of the Listen page

    I have been looking for this link and it is not anywhere on the page. I even used your links. I don't need video when I am at work. In fact, it will get the web site blocked by my office. You said above, "If you are a subscriber..", so to block video I will need to subscribe? And the number of ad's coming up is every other song. This is not good. Thanks, S

    Musically infused.
    Edited by Tom_Pullings on 29 Jan 2014, 14:21
  • You can only switch back to the old radio if you are a subscriber, I've amended the post to make this a little clearer.

  • I saw that as I posted. So with my 100,000+ plays I didn't generate enough ad revenue? Wow, I guess I will be looking at other options including other music players. That is unfortunate. Stephen

    Musically infused.
  • ...

    Can anyone promise me that this feature will last for subscribers?

    Enjoy life!
    It´s much too short!

    • Gondoa said...
    • User
    • 29 Jan 2014, 14:41
    Soooooo, umm, i can now not listen to music anymore on the website if i do not want youtube videos being buffered in horrific quality with them?

    The desktop app only streams radio for subscribers as well.

    Well, i guess is now dead for me...

    • iihvv said...
    • User
    • 29 Jan 2014, 14:42

    Radio is BAD

    This Radio is not good, This Radio is shit

  • Another question

    How will the spotify play button affect songs that were playable direct from the artist?

    Enjoy life!
    It´s much too short!

  • Are you insane?

    I listen to music while I'm at work. Now with this new player you force youtube onto me me when I want to listen music?

    This generates much more traffic than the old radio player. I guess I have to look for alternatives now. You really seem to want push your listeners away....

  • Linked or not?

    I noticed today that a lot of scrobbles disappeared, without being able to spot the time period that is concerned. I seem to have gotten back some of it, but not all of the lost scrobbles.

    Hopefully, it will be solved soon.

    • rotane said...
    • User
    • 29 Jan 2014, 15:00
    This is fantastic!

    One thing i noticed though: I used to click on those tiny play buttons to listen to a preview of a song before (a 30 second preview it was, if my memory serves), but now a new tab with the Spotify web player opens. Is there a way to retain the old behavior of inline play?

    • artheta said...
    • User
    • 29 Jan 2014, 15:01
    I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but it seems that in-page track previews are affected by this change also?

    I think we need to ask... what was the purpose of having track previews? In my opinion: conveniently (without opening another tab and loading another plugin), and with low network traffic, sample a song (in other words, jump straight to a section of the track likely to be more representative of the track as a whole).

    • yerrung said...
    • User
    • 29 Jan 2014, 15:08


    All awards you must give return. Even the free artists are no longer represented on the radio.

    They have destroyed everything!

  • ?????

    Now What???? ... There's no more foot to shot at, so the option is to start choping the legs??

  • "Play buttons will only be shown in territories with Spotify availability" apparently spotify isn't available in canada soooooo... yeah, thanks for this.

    Edited by Dusk2099 on 29 Jan 2014, 15:30

  • tdhooper said:
    We’re also rolling out YouTube video streaming to all users worldwide, for free and without limitation. This now replaces our traditional ad-supported radio.

    If you are a subscriber, you can still choose between YouTube video streaming and the traditional music streaming using the ‘switch back to the old radio’ link at the top of the Listen page as before.

    The Webteam

    Edited by PorridgeGun on 29 Jan 2014, 15:39
  • This was supposed to be a radio...if I wanted to wait for a bunch of Youtube videos to buffer I would just go to Youtube.

    Really disappointed cause I loved radio. Now it's ruined :(

  • So I can only opt out of this crap if I give them money? Cool.


    Ok so how do I make this feedback button go away?

  • Could you tell us what browser version and operating system you're using please aquajitsu.

  • This isn't radio anymore

    I don't understand why I can't continue using the radio with ads. Surely that made some money, and is certainly less hated than forcing glorified youtube playlists on people. There is literally no point to this site anymore unless you subscribe. It's bullying all the free users to either subscribe, or deal with absolutely terrible quality music. I played 4-5 songs in the new player, and one song has audio quality so bad it was unrecognisable. Another song actually had random barrel noises overlaying the track (seriously), and the volume was wildly different for each song, it's impossible to listen to.

    Time to look elsewhere unfortunately, I enjoyed my 8 years using, but I can't support this any longer.

    Edited by JonTakahiro on 29 Jan 2014, 16:46
    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 29 Jan 2014, 16:06


    I wake up on a random Wednesday morning, and get this YouTube nonsense? I'm outta here. Maybe I'll come back in a month, to see if there was enough outrage to kill the idea. Highly unlikely though. CYA.

    Edited by a deleted user on 29 Jan 2014, 16:07
  • wanna go back

    so, I am also very disappointed about that "feature" (bug) it means:

    - more bandwidth
    - no fluent plays because of yt issues
    - worse sound quality because of codecs
    - different (unwanted) versions of one song (live, remix, ...)

    leave this optional!!! for god's sake.

    and what means subscriber in this context? payers or also registred free listeners?

    positiv geladen.
  • Doing stuff like this is pretty much the quickest and best way to lose users.

    No one is going to pay for radio when they can just go to Pandora or iHeartRadio and listen for free, which is pretty much exactly what everyone's going to do now that they're thoroughly angered by this nonsense.

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