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    Hello dear music friends.

    I would really appreciate a feature to search for new peeple. This function should include a filter for taste in music, age, sex, hometown and so on.
    This would improve a lot.
    In my opinion the only problem on this site is that the social contact is missing.

    i hope my proposal will at least be considered.

    Thank you.

    best regards


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  • We recently removed this feature as it was broken. In addition, searching for users by age, sex, and location is not something we're comfortable with, as it's easy to abuse.

    Instead, we've introduced a friends finder, which will let you connect with your Facebook and google contacts. You can find this here:

    We're hoping to expand on this, to allow for more social integration in the coming months.

  • I don't want friends from facebook, Gamil or Yahoo.

    I want to search people who listen to Bob Dylan, The Beatles and other similar artists in India, how would i do that?

    ~~Peace, Love & Music~~
  • If these are the same artists that you like, you could check your neighbours and/or listen to your Neighbourhood Radio station. If you check the artist profiles, you can find the Top Listeners there, e.g. for The Beatles. Regional user search is not supported though.

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