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August 2nd site update - Catalogue Pages

  • I feel like I'm blind and use a superbigsize glasses.
    Don't like a button "more".
    When I saw band page, I had a butthurt.

  • could not even imagine worse. Images are just huge, lot of statistics that is not even needed (for example who watches those listening graphs???) Everything used to be very compact, now it looks like a complete mess.

  • You know the worst part? I doubt they're gonna revert, they clearly show they don't care about negative feedback. Prove me wrong, I dare you, I double dare you.*

    *Font adjusted to their preferences

    /\ true /\
  • artist pages are awful

    Edited by aasdfasf on 2 Aug 2012, 13:37
  • Please get old design back!
    The new one sucks and it is to big!!!!!!

    Lets open the gates of my hell
    and i will strike from the grave!!!!!!!

    I HAVE A 1080p SCREEN














  • Well.

    I made my opinion. I know this is probably here to stay so I will make the best of it. It's an ok design but it could've been better if more of the popular feedback was taken into consideration. I know this will get ignored and this thread is just a move to make us feel included and for us to rant. I can totally understand how those users from the design before the one there is fighting about getting back felt a little. The felt ignored and I don't blame them for getting upset. This site honestly is not getting better in some aspects. None the less being a user for 3 years I will not stop using it, still annoying a bit.

  • Bug

    There is no option on track's page to add it to playlist.
    I want the old design back.

    • jenny2 said...
    • User
    • 2 Aug 2012, 13:39
    was anyone even complaining about how it looked before? because i know i wasn't.
    and like someone else said, i think this website should be focusing on the glitches/bugs it has before changing how it looks (especially if all they're going to do is ruin it)
    change it back, please! this isn't an upgrade, at all.

    or else i'll just stop leaving my profile page because seriously the things i care about are all pushed to the bottom. i thought this site was about being social?

  • Why not post a "Poll" to Keep or Trash the new design based upon the poll results from actual users of lastfm?

  • Please get old design back!

    • Imothep said...
    • User
    • 2 Aug 2012, 13:41
    It's the same story with every redesign, nobody likes it, everyone complains about it, developers ignore complaints, users get used to it, life carries on. But the artist pages are just bad.
    And where are the wiki/discogs/whatever links? >:( damn you,, DAMN YOU!

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 2 Aug 2012, 13:44

    Is it causing glitches for anyone else?

    C'mon can jump in any time. Are they working out the kinks?

  • I'd tell you in detail what I think about it except I too tired, having had to walk for hours to get far enough away from the screen to see all the type in my field of view, so I'll give the shortened response.

    It. Is. Too BIG.

    Now I need a lie down.

    I am so much cooler online...

    This Is My Joystick
    All Things Uncharted
  • Subscribers! Unsubscribe!
    If team don't listen us, they do not get our money.

    • alin1 said...
    • User
    • 2 Aug 2012, 13:46
    Probably the next major re-design will be even worse. even paid designers to make this awful design? They should ask for their money back.

    • Kronn- said...
    • User
    • 2 Aug 2012, 13:47
    I guess this new layout was made by a person who really hates users. I'm sorry, but this is absolutely uncomfortable and useless design. Seriously, i respect your desire to improve, but sometimes it's better to stop.





    • gymru said...
    • User
    • 2 Aug 2012, 13:49
    KypaToP_HM, reasonable suggestion!

    • corky64 said...
    • User
    • 2 Aug 2012, 13:51
    Not impressed. Looks crap on the few computers i've tried it on. Prefer the old way....

    • alin1 said...
    • User
    • 2 Aug 2012, 13:51

    Re:August 2nd site update - Catalogue Pages

    marekventur said:
    Hi everyone,

    We just released our latest update to The biggest change is our “catalogue pages” project, where we completely rewrote all artist, track and album pages. Some of you saw it while it was in beta and many of you left comments. We listened to your feedback and tried to incorporate as many of your ideas as possible. We put a lot of work and effort into this project and we’re quite thrilled to be finally able to release it on the live site.

    Lies, lies, lies! It looks almost the same as beta version.

  • Please get the old design back! [n]
    Artist pages especially, it's all just unnecessarily too big and too wide and too everything.
    Why did you need a change anyway? Everything was fine and functional until you screwed it up.

  • alin1 said:
    gymru said:
    It seems like the admins aren't listening to us users at all. is owned by CBS. Since when big corporations actually cared about users' requests? They don't give a damn.

    Ignore users, make site worse, lose users then lose money.


    • Dagilb said...
    • User
    • 2 Aug 2012, 13:57
    It is too big, can't say it often enough.

    "7 friends are listening to weirdmusicartistXY" and the diagram of the three befriended toplisteners of "weirdmusicartistXY" could and should be combined. or just set it back to the way it was. or drop the diagram. don't care, but both things separated is too much.

    Also: I would prefer some light framing between different areas. moreover a shading in the background behind the "similar artists"-pictures on artists' pages.

    Oh, did I mention its biggyness? 'Cause it is big.

    Too big.

  • Awful new design, guys. What was wrong with the older one?

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