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Neighbors not representative

  • Neighbors not representative

    96% (48 of 50) of my neighbors are inactive users (last seen 6 months ago and more. or they registered one month and scrobbled only for two days).
    Furthermore most of them have only a low scrobble-count of ~500. Not comparable with my scrobble-count (>100,000)

    I really wish, that the algorithm will be improved. Because the current results are very unsatisfying. Maybe they are pretty accurate with the compability but what is the benefit of a neighbor who isn't activ anymore? I want to talk to people with similiar taste of music. This is not possible with inactive users of course

    So here are my suggestions for the neighbor algorithm:
    1. show only activ user (last seen within the last 30 days)
    2. comparison of user with simliar count of scobbled songs. this doesn't have to be too close. but I think to compare someone with 100 scrobbled titles with another user who listened already to 100,000 titles is not a good idea. it's a factor of 1000. maybe reduce the factor a little bit. maybe everything which is within the factor of 100 or less

    Thanks! and best regards from germany

  • I agree that the Neighbors function leaves much to be desired.
    I like your suggestions, also I think it somehow needs to offer more variety.
    For example I listen to a lot of styles of music,lets say I listen to rock, jazz and hiphop, now I go to see who my neighbors are and they all people who only listen to rock music.
    Shouldn't my neighbors have the same variety of styles as myself?

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