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    yeah guys. get sth working. just a little configurable version of the profil. where one can decide if they share last 3 months top artists or 7 days tracks. the stuff we love with our 20 friends with the 200 on fb.
    understand you probably have worries but you cant beat facebook anyway. so integrate it :D

    • Ta4o said...
    • User
    • 15 Mar 2012, 04:58 to Facebook connect

    I would like to integrate with facebook music profiles of users that
    already exists in the timeline instead of old facebook wall.
    I have at this moment music profile consists of listening to music site myspace.
    It seems possible to make integration with facebook myspace as well have.
    So I can not do scrobbling from Windows Media Player and this is reflected in
    my facebook profile. It is not right to do as APP Scrobbler
    invented by which creates a new tab in your account
    instead of using already created in the timeline Music.
    Should be used so called. 3rd. party application like site myspace! Scrobbler creates a new tab called Scrobbler
    and does not use already existing Music tab
    Music tab is a normal profile on facebook as Info, Friends, Photos, Likes and others.

  • I'd love to in my Facebook's timeline. The official one. :(

  • I doubt is going to publish a way to integrate scrobbling with Facebook. Why? Because many media outlets are reporting that Spotify and Facebook teaming up to bring this pseudo scrobbling to Facebook is one of the final blows to as the site becomes history.

    Since CBS bought there has been nearly no innovation and more concern with money grabbing. The site has not changed. Groups have been the same way for countless years, and there is not even enough staff to handle people who want to be the leader of a group with no leader.

    I mean christ we can't even have our own free ad supported mobile app!

    With failing to adapt, failing to keep up with the times and compete with Facebook, they are bound to be steam rolled and despite being a long time user and lover of I say good riddance.

    Because just like this third party Facebook Scrobbling program- something made by someone will rise to take it's place and do it as well as users could hope.

    Remember- Audio scrobbling is an open tech, another site could use it and do what does and not even try that hard and still have a better site and service.

    CBS for last fm is RIP for all of it's users.

  • An official app is really the only way to go with this, an unnoficial app just doesn't have the same options as official.
    Also, post all of the songs... that's sorta the point of the graph api...

    Yes, you can.
  • I agree with the above, the unofficial app doesn't post all songs since the beginning of scrobbling and it doesn't update in real time as perfect as the spotify one does.

    I have to admit I'm using spotify way more now as it documents it on the timeline.. and that also scrobbles too, still, I would much rather was up there though :)

    • maldaen said...
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    • 12 Apr 2012, 21:59
    For those of us not in the States and NOT willing to invest in internet radio to play our music, the fact that I can't share my music like those who do is absolutely ridiculous. Someone needs to get on this ASAP.

  • just seems content with letting Spotify destroy it in every way possible.

  • Working like a charm

    Just installed the unofficial Facebook Scrobbler and it's working LIKE A BOSS!

    I'm even scrobbling from Media Monkey into Last.Fm and then into Facebook!! Kickin ass.

  • +
    I would like an official app for facebook. Thank you.

  • seems to let itself die. Nothing new from them since so many years. What the hell is happening? I'm looking forward to this as well!

  • more exposure.. why not? +1

    this is an information age!

  • Talking to the wind?

    Seriously, since I installed the unofficial Scrobbler app, I get a lot of feedback from my friends about what I'm listening to, and all I have to do is gently push them towards the site. But then I get remarks like "you can't login with FB, this is useless" and such. "Useless" is the general idea with them, but only because sharing what you're doing in here is such a drag... I disagree with them: with a little patience and exploring, one can do a lot here on AND FB. But then again, most people aren't an exploring kind of person like me, I guess. They want it "right now and easy, in one click".

    While I totally disagree with dumbing down for these users, I certainly would like to see an official integration or at least a message that "staff is working on it" or, then again, at least "considering it" to integrate sharing usage better and more direct with Facebook officially. :/ Quite frankly, when Facebook (or Google, G+) introduces its music service with a scrobble-like feature and hardware and software engineers are integrating it usefully with their products, I seriously don't know if I keep using with such love and intesity as I do now.

    I feel like such a loner on Facebook when sharing my listening or tracks by copy/paste the links and such, as the "Like-buttons" don't quite cover the action...

  • I would also love a Facebook app. I saw one of my friends(On Facebook) had linked his Deezer profile; a website/organization I'd never heard of or came across before. This started posting tracks he'd listened to(And tracks he IS listening to) in a similar way to how the Spotify Facebook app posts.

    Now, I'd never even heard of Deezer, although, I didn't know much about until recently. Although I did often come across, just I didn't sign up here for a while. But think about it, if a lesser known company is doing this, why hasn't a better known company( made their own app?

    It just feels a bit pointless when all my scrobbles seem to be for is so that I can look at them and go "Hurr", instead of sharing them with my friends...

    Please make an app though,

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Apr 2012, 09:08

    Better Facebook Integration

  • +1

    I can't believe management hasn't sorted this out yet. people have been begging for this for YEARS!!!!!!! PLEASE LISTEN!!!

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 7 May 2012, 19:23
    I agree, I really don't want to see fall behind. While I find constant updates and site re-designes rather annoying (Facebook's for example) and am content with the way is by and large, I do think that features like this are important.

    If people can't share what music they're listening to, the number of active users is just going to decline. Please, please get an official app up and running.

  • Hm, Scrobble is fine and all, but I don't use it because it simply ignores more or less 6 years of scrobbling. I have already lost 2-3 years because I couldn't change my name on this site, but this right now is just really pointless. Especially because there was once an APP where everything worked perfectly... you could show your all-time(!) favourite artists, albums, recent songs and so. It'd be great if you guys made something official and functional again for FB intergration. :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 8 May 2012, 05:48

    Better Facebook Integration

    I think a lot of people prefer to use Facebook for Social Networking and would like Last.FM to release an official facebook timeline app like Spotify or the other Music apps here

    This has been requested here and here but so far I can't find any official reply. If Last.FM is choosing to ignore Facebook then I think a lot of people will start to use other services which would be a shame.

    I think Last.FM is great but I feel it is losing a lot of ground.

    If you search the forums for facebook or timeline you will finds lots of requests for this feature. It would be nice if a member of Last.FM Staff could confirm that they are working on this.

    I have previously used 3rd party services and does a reasonable job but an official app is wanted by most users.

    Also an official facebook app should lead to more Last.FM users.

    • jph35 said...
    • User
    • 9 May 2012, 19:11


    Way to miss the boat Spotify wouldn't even exist had you stepped up at the right time. What a complete and total waste. <sadface />

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 9 May 2012, 19:40

    Re: wow..

    jph35 said:
    Way to miss the boat Spotify wouldn't even exist had you stepped up at the right time. What a complete and total waste. <sadface />

    I agree with that. Hardly anybody I know has heard of but they know of the other Music sites. I love Last.FM but it needs further investment or more staff to get back to the top.

  • sushionme said:

    If people can't share what music they're listening to, the number of active users is just going to decline. Please, please get an official app up and running.

    Agree fully

    • Brlggs said...
    • User
    • 24 May 2012, 17:49
    Why is this taking so long!!!!!

    Oh, give me a sign of life!!

    • emaskye said...
    • User
    • 25 May 2012, 07:45
    haha your staff are a bunch of worthless failures and they should know this personally

    • Baaatt said...
    • User
    • 28 May 2012, 16:08
    Something simple, that displays the 'top 5 artists listen to in last 7 days', and a second tab to switch between the top 5 artists and 'last 5 tracks recently listened to'

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