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LastFMCE: Windows Media Center Edition add-on

    • Canna71 said...
    • User
    • 22 May 2006, 18:10

    LastFMCE: Windows Media Center Edition add-on

    Hi all,
    I love, and I love Windows Media Center Edition (MCE). So I wrote a useful add-on for MCE that allows to tune to radio and listen to it inside MCE. It allows to search for tags, artists, or enter a radio url by hand.
    It also allows you to access the radio by browsing Artists or Genres and by selecting "More...".
    You can find the beta here:

    Please let me know any impression or suggestion.
    Happy listening!

    Gabriele Cannata

    • JonWebb said...
    • User
    • 21 Aug 2006, 15:33

    RE: LastFMCE: resolution

    Hi Gabrielle,

    fantastic! Works quite well. One problem: I run MCE at 800x600 resolution (my TV doesn't go any higher). The LastFMCE screen doesn't seem to work properly at that resolution...

    Cheers, - Jon -

    • Canna71 said...
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    • 5 Sep 2006, 14:31
    Hi Jon,
    I haven't got the time to improve it in any way. The minimum resolution I tested it was 1024x800, I'll try to make it fit lower resolutions anyway. I am thinking about moving the project to sourceforge (gotdotnet sucks) maybe then someone could give me a hand fixing it. I'm also willing to port it to Vista.



    • moobekk said...
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    • 23 Feb 2007, 17:17

    I have massive problems to get this plugin to work. It sometimes plays a stream, but I would say in only 1% of all cases.

    My assumtion is, that it could something to do with Windows Media Player 11: Nearly everytime, when you try to open the radio is say Audio Error (in german: Audiofehler).

    Maybe it is a good idea to shift LastFMCE to sourceforge so that someone could help fixing . I can not unfortunately... no skills, apart from testing.

    Regards, moobekk

  • I installed it on Windows Vista, and it appears to run fine so far.

    • moobekk said...
    • User
    • 26 Feb 2007, 09:11
    gadgetchannel said:
    I installed it on Windows Vista, and it appears to run fine so far.

    Strange, because Vista should have Media Player 11 on board? Hhm, streaming is not a problem for me with Media Player 11 at all, apart from LastFMCE.

    Anybody who could explain the strange Audio Error?

    By the way: If I try to use Windows Media Player 11 with lastfmproxy, I have also problems. With Winamp I have no problems at all.

    Is there any known compatibility issue in Media Player 11 with

    • sawcarn said...
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    • 4 Mar 2007, 21:47
    moobekk said:
    gadgetchannel said:

    Is there any known compatibility issue in Media Player 11 with

    I ask that too? (Sorry if it is'nt the right place)

    • t0nedef said...
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    • 7 Mar 2007, 04:38
    media player 11 on XP and the one on vista are different code wise. the one on XP merely looks like the one on vista and allows you to use the same codecs. but there are some differances between them. I'll let you know when i get some more details *been lookin around*

    • Canna71 said...
    • User
    • 17 Mar 2007, 16:17
    Hi all, sorry for my late response.
    I don't know the exact reason for the AUDIO ERROR, but it appears that sometime WMP disconnects from (or the other way around). Lastfm's own application handles connection to stream by itself, and then acts as a proxy when using WMP to listen to it. I would say that using something like lastfmproxy would eliminate the problem so I'm puzzled that it gives the same error.

    I'll try to put it on Sourceforge as soon as I can, but I'd prefer to work on a Vista version now...

  • Connection to xbox360 media extender?


    I like the idea of this program as I use Windows Media Center as my Tivo/Music setup. Problem is that I run the media center on my xbox360 and this program doesn't show up there.

    Anyone have any ideas of how to get to work through a media center extender (xbox360)?

    • t0nedef said...
    • User
    • 1 Apr 2007, 04:09
    Shouldn't be to hard as the XBox 360 uses a stripped down version of windows to run the dashboard. The only problem is getting past their protection schema. It not only prevents pirate games, but also prevents homebrew software from runnin on it. there are several projects looking to bypass, i recommend you look up xbox linux, it should give you some clues. theres a couple of videos covering the xbox, but they don't work on the 360. I'll keep lookin.

    • FaberX said...
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    • 6 Apr 2007, 17:53
    tonedef, the 360 has nothing like windows on it, it just runs as a remote desktop client and streams the interface running on your media center machine.
    The problem here is that this plugin only controls the underlying player that has to be locally running, so there's no way to stream the audio as it's not playing thru media center.

  • I think you are onto something. Streaming through windows media player 11 would be sweet, especially if you can get it to play on the 360. I love streaming music wirelessly to my 360 through my surround. My neighbors on the other hand don't appreciate the bass rattling all the doors...

    • himm77 said...
    • User
    • 18 Apr 2007, 13:05
    spam removed by a passing mod...

    • Canna71 said...
    • User
    • 15 Jun 2007, 23:00

    LastFMCE on SourceForge

    Hi all,
    I put the source code for LastFMCE on SourceForge, if anyone want to help developing it.

    At the moment I am willing to do a version for Vista Media Center.
    I also did a vista media center add-in to display lyrics, and I will try to display lyrics also while Last.FM is playing.

  • May be I can help you?

    HI EvERYonE!!! Try to open ports in Service Menu on WMP11.
    Open WMP11 -> Right Click on WMP11 -> Service -> Network tab -> Activate
    open port! Close WMP11.

    • moobekk said...
    • User
    • 12 Jul 2007, 17:54

    No success with open ports


    I just tried to open ports (default 7000-7007).

    No success.

  • extenders

    I'm switching to Vista MCE shortly and would absolutely LOVE to have something like this work on an extender!

    • izeber said...
    • User
    • 29 Jul 2007, 00:00

    not anymore

    What's happening with the link?? Looks godonet is not avalable anymore

  • I think the sourceforge link is the most recent.

  • Sourceforge has no code or downloads

    The old link still has a binary byt it works poorly.
    It integrates into Vista MC but I cant login.

  • Fond the code

    Its in the svn repo but building it is jnot an option yet for me. Do you know the status canna? Will you implement support for Vista as well?

    gadgetchannel got it to work on Vista, does that include the 360 extender?

    getting this running would be awesome!

  • So...

    Anyone know anything more regarding this? I'm not a programmer so I'm not really sure what I'd need to do with anything on SourceForge to get this to work.

    And like dahankzter, I'd be interested in knowing if this will work with extenders. My primary use of Vista MCE will be through an extender.

  • Judging by the silence

    I'll take that as a no?

  • Bump

    Figure it can't hurt to see if there's any further info available regarding this.

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