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User since Audioscrobbler(2005) Why should I pay $3 a month to subscribe?


  • Nobody is forcing you to. Please troll some more.

  • That was a legitimate question you chubby ginger.

    • DFA1979 said...
    • Subscriber
    • 6 Jun 2011, 07:05
    You should pay $3 a month to subscribe because that is the cost of a subscription. If you do not think the benefits (as listed on the 'subscribe' page) are worth $3 a month, then go right ahead and continue not paying it.

    What does being a user since 2005 have to do with anything?

  • The money goes towards paying artist royalties - it replaces the need for advertising on the site and radio. It also lets you play radio on your phone and various hardware devices.

    >>>That was a legitimate question you chubby ginger.

    That wasn't called for.

    Anyway, your question has been answered. :lock:

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