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    Looks like I'm in trouble... I pushed the 'Clear listening data' button because I wanted to clear my listening history, to get rid of stuff I played when experimenting with the service without having to delete it all in the Profile+Tag Editor. Because there's a 'Clear tagging data' button too I figured clearing my listening data wouldn't influence my tagging data (sounds reasonable to me). But now my personal station said 'not enough content', until I tagged a few albums just to try and now it keeps on playing these albums. Pléase don't tell me my tags are gone, because I spent a lót of time on them. And if they are, is there really nothing I can do to get them back? Please?

    • Russ said...
    • Alumni
    • 17 Jan 2006, 17:53
    Tagging an item adds the item to your profile. "Clear listening data" wipes your profile. So your profile is now empty, which is why personal radio doesn't work. Your tags still exist.

  • That's good news... Is there a way to add those tagged items to my profile again without having to listen to all possible tag stations and wait for all tagged items to pass by?

  • The only way I can think of (that seems to work but will take a lot of time) is clicking 'save tags for this item' again for all items... is there any other way?

    • Russ said...
    • Alumni
    • 17 Jan 2006, 20:31
    Unfortunately not.

  • Finally finished re-adding all tagged items to my profile...
    So everyone be careful: resetting your profile does not remove your tags but it does remove your tagged items from your profile...
    I wish I would've known before I pushed that button. Whatever.

    • Neoncow said...
    • User
    • 22 Jan 2006, 03:47
    I just stumbled upon this thread, but would it be possible to use the profile editor to re-tag your music?

    From what I understand, your tags still appear on your profile; they just aren't in your personal radio anymore. So you could use the profile editor to add your current tag to a temporary tag, delete your original tag, and then change it back to the original.

    eg. For all tracks in rsdavidbowie:
    1. Add them to rsdavidbowie2.
    2. Remove them from rsdavidbowie
    3. Add them back to rsdavidbowie

    You can use the profile editor to do this en mass; so you would only need to do it once per tag.

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  • It only seemed to work when I did it on the web pages - retagging on the Profile Editor didn't help (it does not add things to your profile, just to other tags - you can never add new items in the Profile+Tag Editor, everything that appears there has been added already). Of course I used my tags as a guideline to do the job, but it's really a rather enormous amount of tags...

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