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Simple "audioPod goes iScrobbler" plugin question (iPod to support)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Jan 2006, 16:41

    Simple "audioPod goes iScrobbler" plugin question (iPod to support)

    Sometimes I connect the iPod, click the .bat file, it opens the java program...but and then it lists NO songs played on the iPod. I played around 20 songs and it lists that there was none.

    But sometimes, it does work. Sometimes, it doesnt as said above.

    Can someone please help me so it ALWAYS works?

  • sometimes it takes a while since your pc recognizes the iPod... so wait, let's say, some 20 secs after connecting the iPod, and open the utility then. and, make sure you did not sync your iPod with iTunes and that iTunes is closed before you connect the iPod, because this would clear the playcounts...

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