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top artists irregularities

    • anthrt said...
    • User
    • 12 Jan 2006, 08:26

    top artists irregularities

    earlier, i was browsing through my top artists page (here) and i noticed that i have the same artist listed three times (interpol).

    interpol is listed at #10, and #119 (twice). they are the same artist name as they both lead to the same page.

    any thoughts?

  • This would be due to an unmerged moderation from the old audioscrobbler site. I thought that these were recently undone? Did some get missed?

    • Russ said...
    • Alumni
    • 12 Jan 2006, 14:29
    OK, it turns out that there are some moderations which are flagged as merged in our database, but haven't actually been merged. These are some of them. There's not any easy way to fix these at the moment, sorry.

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