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The translation doesn't work !?

  • The translation doesn't work !?


    I'm a french user of and the French translation of the website doesn(t work for me. The website is always in English...

    A solution ?



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    • Spypunk said...
    • User
    • 11 Jan 2006, 19:36
    The same for me :(

  • experiencing the same for the german version ... don't know ... maybe it's not implemented yet? don't know.

    • lozzd said...
    • Alumni
    • 12 Jan 2006, 01:18
    I don't think they're implemented yet. Plus I don't think they have anyone that speaks enough languages to translate the site :P

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  • hm don't know ... i mean they have a lot of users which speak the languages they want. they just could a user - that is a member for a long time and kind of trusted - ask to do this.

  • how about a german user, who is good in english and german do the german translation. the same for the french and the other translations ..

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