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You uploaded to.... No, I haven't!

  • You uploaded to.... No, I haven't!

    On my profile I've got the following message: You uploaded to Do You Remember Me’s images. 9 hours ago ( . Interestingly, I haven't uploaded this image myself. More interestingly, it seems to be a correct image to me. Noone knows my password except for me, but I've changed it just in case. Is there any way to track down what happened here?

    Many thanks

  • I just had a look and the label that uploaded this image has the same ID as your user ID, so this is just a mix-up in the activity feed and nothing you need to worry about :)

    • JS01 said...
    • User
    • 28 Jan 2011, 07:20
    This happened to me too. Can the pictures be fixed to show the correct uploader? Here's the image:

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