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Alternate versions of tracks playing

  • Alternate versions of tracks playing

    I noticed this when playing playlists, my Library and my Loved Tracks. All three are fixed lists, and the radio should not play tracks which are not in the list. But I regularly get remixes, live versions, "radio versions" and "remastered versions" of tracks which are in the playlist, Library or Loved Tracks.

    I'm not talking about multiple different streams attached to one track title, I'm talking about tracks with a different name including a part between brackets (see examples below). If I let them scrobble, they are added to my Library. I see no indications of auto-corrections or redirects on these tracks.

    While playing e.g. my Library, Catch (Ferry Corsten Vocal Mix) starts playing, and the statistics area below the player notes "You've listened to Kosheen 52 times before, but not Catch (Ferry corsten vocal mix). It will be automatically added to Your Library." I did have Catch in my Library.

    I explicitly checked these tracks were not manually added to my library (so they did not have the "In your library (0 plays)" text on the track page).

    Here are a number of examples I collected. Most of the time when I noticed this, I skipped the track or I deleted the play afterwards, to not clutter up my Library. I kept the Kosheen remixes because I actually liked them :-)

    Catch (Ferry Corsten Vocal Mix)
    Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix Radio Edit)
    Right Here, Right Now (Remastered Version)
    Everybody Loves A Carnival (Remastered Version)
    Ready to Go (Radio Edit)
    My Friend (Radio Edit)
    Lords Of The Boards (Live)
    Not An Addict (Live Galaxy)

  • This keeps happening. I just got God Is A DJ (Live At Alexandra Palace) while playing my Loved Tracks. I only have the original God Is a DJ in my Library and in my Loved Tracks, no other versions.

    And I get lots of these now. In the meantime: Vinegar & Salt (Live Album Version) and Thank You (Deep Dish Vocal).

    Any reaction from the staff? Thanks.

    • galeote said...
    • Alumni
    • 14 Jul 2009, 09:50
    We have found a bug in our content ingestion system that was assigning mixes to normal tracks. The problem was localised to Sony content and is being corrected at the moment, they will stop playing eventually.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 15 Jul 2009, 02:40
    Thank goodness for that. I was already wondering why I got the Union Jack dance remix of Waterfront instead of the original 1984 version when I played my Top Tracks...

    • IanAR said...
    • Subscriber
    • 31 Jul 2009, 10:29

    Jeff Buckley - Lilac Vineyard

    Jeff Buckley/Sony's Lilac Wine (Live at l' Olympia) just came-up on my 'Loved Tracks' radio :( I have Lilac Wine (of Grace) loved and not any other recording of Jeff performing the song.

    When can we expect thing problem to go away?
    Meantime, can we have a "don't play me any Sony content" toggle? - Ian

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 5 Aug 2009, 14:27
    bumping with a couple of examples that I've just experienced on the My Loved Tracks station.

    In library: Another Night
    Appeared on radio: Another Night (House Mix)

    In library: A Sorta Fairytale
    Appeared on radio: A Sorta Fairytale (Live In Toronto 10/23/07)

    • IanAR said...
    • Subscriber
    • 13 Aug 2009, 16:58

    Super_Collider - Radianations On The Rise

    In library - Radianations on the Rise
    Appeared on radio Radianations On The Rise (The Collisions live version)

    Interloper's released by Rise Robots Rise. Is that a Sony problem - else, what's the explanation, pls - Ian

    • IanAR said...
    • Subscriber
    • 23 Aug 2009, 17:08

    Is Eventually Loner Than Six Weeks?

    galeote said:
    they will stop playing eventually.
    I'm still seeing this symptom frequently, is it still the Sony ingestion problem? If so, when can we expect it to go away?

    If not, what info' would help, in diagnosis? - Ian

  • I'm still experiencing this. Some cases I had today:
    Everybody Loves A Carnival (Remastered Version)
    Not Enuff Love (Skinny Remix)

    Any news on this?

    • IanAR said...
    • Subscriber
    • 18 Oct 2009, 22:47

    MGMT - Electric Feel (Last.FM Reroute)

    I just had Electric Feel instead of Electric Feel (Justice Remix) via my tag :( Ian

  • Alternate versions: (Live) named tracks play even though they are banned

    Avril Lavigne – Losing Grip (Live) <-- (currently on page 20 of my banned tracks)
    Avril Lavigne – Losing Grip <-- (tagged and loved) Arista

    Journey – Send Her My Love (Live) <-- (on page 26 of my banned tracks)
    Journey – Send Her My Love <-- (tagged and loved) Columbia/Legacy

    By the way, are there any plans to sort banned tracks?? (by name or date)

  • Still experiencing this. E.g. Disco's Revenge (Mole Hole dirty mix) instead of Disco's Revenge.

    No more reactions from the staff? Thank you.

    • ToddPM said...
    • User
    • 3 Jan 2010, 04:13
    I'm really going to need an official answer on this one, because of all the quirks, bugs, and odd feature implementations of, this one is a dealbreaker for me.

    Why do remixes, live versions, acoustic versions, etc. continually get mixed in with the album versions? If I like the "real" version of a song but hate some remix of it, there is no way to ban the remix without banning the original.

    I have submitted so many title corrections for remixes and live versions that don't seem to "take", and it's getting very frustrating.

    I'm not one to lightly throw around threats of leaving, but I subscribed to because I listen to music here a lot and wanted to support continued improvements. But if I don't feel that subscriber issues are addressed, I will cease to see the need to continue my financial support.

    • DorianG said...
    • User
    • 3 Jan 2010, 10:09
    ToddPM, redirections take time before they take effect. I don't know the details, but it has to do with redirections suggested and time (about a week IIRC)

  • ToddPM, keep in mind that title corrections are only for spelling or typos in the title not for remixes and versions. Suggesting corrections based on played streams makes it even worse because it suggests that two versions are the same when they are actually not.

    • ToddPM said...
    • User
    • 3 Jan 2010, 22:03
    HodgeStar, I'm not sure that's correct. The link says "Is this track name wrong or misspelt? Suggest a correction." So it is perfectly reasonable for a user to assume that correcting a title from "You Give Love a Bad Name" to "You Give Love a Bad Name (acoustic)" is properly done with that link.

    If that's not the case, then needs to change the wording for that link AND make it more apparent where such an incorrect title can be corrected.

    Out of curiosity, where did you find the information that the link is only for typos/spelling errors?

  • Yes, it's perfectly reasonable for a user to assume that. Unfortunately the site doesn't work like that. It never did. There is no one-to-one relation between the pages with the correction link and the streams you hear on the radio or on-demand. Don't know if it is explicitly stated anywhere besides the never ending complaints in the forums.

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