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KNOWN ISSUES (updated 16 Sept 2014)

  • KNOWN ISSUES (updated 16 Sept 2014)

    This is a running list of issues / bugs on the web site that the team are aware of. Please don't repost any of the bugs listed here, and please do also try to keep things in one thread about any specific issue you may have - thanks!

    General Feedback and Ideas are best placed in their own support forum where you will also find the official announcements for current site updates (usually every two weeks). Problems with the scrobbler software should be posted in the Client Support forum, and check the sticky threads there for known issues, too.

    Please do also have a look at our FAQ section where many other things that are often asked about are answered. And don't forget to check the System Status page first if you are experiencing sudden changes in the reliability of the provided services like radio streaming, profile or forum access etc.

    Current Issues

    Some auto-corrections appear to be the wrong way around FIXED
    • We're currently looking into an issue with some track corrections that appear to be the wrong way around, e.g. from "track name" to "1 track name". See this and this post for some examples.

    "There was an error connecting to your library"
    • You sometimes may get this error when trying to view your library (scrobbles). Your scrobbles are not getting lost when you see this. Take a look at this forum thread for more information and comments.

    Incorrect "Tracks Played" count
    • Your "Tracks Played" counter may be incorrect or a lot less than you expect. This is a caching issue and should correct itself within 24 hours. Please report this issue here

    Incorrect scrobbles of artist/tracks with of non-latin names
    • When scrobbling something with non-latin (UTF8) characters, you may notice that it appears incorrectly spelt on your profile, even though your ID3 tags are correct. This has to do with how database handles these characters. See this thread for more details.

    General / Common Issues

    Don't forget to check our FAQ for many more answers to other common questions.

    Messaging all group members
    • There is an ongoing problem where a messaging a large number of group members at once (est. 160+) may cause a time out and the message not to be sent. More info here.

    Sent Messages page
    • If you have a large quantity of sent messages (over 100 pages) this page may time out.

    • It may happen that it says there are more shouts in your shoutbox than you can actually see. This would be because shouts from deleted users are hidden, but the shout counter still takes them into account.

    Recent Activity
    • Not all recent activities can be deleted.
    • There may be incorrect/double activities, e.g. for image uploads or friendships.

    Reply Tracker / Grapevine
    • Your post grapevine or reply tracker might time out sometimes (the tracker only shows this thread). Try refreshing the pages after a short while and they should load properly.
    • Comments made on other users' journals are not tracked anymore.
    • It's not possible to subscribe to or unsubscribe from threads with the current reply tracker.

    Recent Visitors
    • (They're a subscriber feature) Sometimes it may happen that your recent visitors disappear; this is because they work based on a so-called least recently used cache that may be empty if no one has visited your profile for a while, or may get cleared during site maintenance.

    Events and venues
    • Some events and their venues don't appear in city listings or search results when you try to look them up. Related thread
    • There is currently a longer resolution time while the event moderation system is being improved, which means it may take some time until your flags are dealt with.
    • Show on Map doesn't work for some venues

    • If an auto-corrected artist appears in your recommended artist list, you will be unable to dismiss it, however it should disappear within two weeks.
    • The timestamps on the site may be off by one hour. (This does not affect your scrobbles, but it's a mere display issue which will usually correct itself in a short period of time.)

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