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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Apr 2012, 10:15
    Stay the Course (Instrumental) - Stay the Course (Instrumental)
    Stay the Course (A Cappella) - Stay the Course (A Cappella)
    Run for Your Life (Extended Tour Version) - Run for Your Life (Extended Tour Version)

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  • Take a Giant Step --> Take a Giant Step

  • Kim > Kim
    The Gold Ring > The Gold Ring
    For A Princess > For a Princess
    A Smooth One > A Smooth One
    Travelling Man > Travelling Man
    No Preacher > No Preacher
    To Find the Sun > To Find the Sun
    All of Me > All of Me
    Joy of My Heart > Joy of My Heart

  • John Maus - "We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves"

    ...and the Rain > ...and the Rain
    Head for the Country > Head for the Country


  • I Luoghi del Potere -> I luoghi del potere
    I am Colossus -> I Am Colossus
    Sun vs. moon (total eclipse) -> Sun vs. Moon (Total Eclipse)
    Fields Of Long Gone Presence -> Fields of Long Gone Presence
    The Politics Of Ecstasy -> The Politics of Ecstasy
    EMPIREUM -> Empireum
    INFEARNATURAL -> Infearnatural
    Es Liebt Dich Und Deine Körperlichkeit Ein Ausgeflippter -> Es Liebt Dich und Deine Körperlichkeit ein Ausgeflippter


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  • Two Time Nation to: Two Time Nation

    • Irytka said...
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    • 11 Apr 2012, 12:28
    Big Bang -> BIG BANG
    thank you very much.

  • All my scrobbles for Yann Tiersen have turned into the artist 'Amelie'

    • ayuxx said...
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    • 12 Apr 2012, 03:48
    TOKiMONSTA - TOKiMONSTA (Musicbrainz)

    Coil - Coil

    Ascending From Below - Ascending From Below

  • R.I.P. = R.I.P.

    • An_na said...
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    • 12 Apr 2012, 08:39
    I'm posting these again because only a few were actually corrected since I last posted them (in December...). This drives me nuts, so I would really, really appreciate if they could be fixed. Pretty please & thank you.

    The War → The War
    Waiting for Daylight → Waiting for Daylight
    You're All I Know → You're All I Know
    Bitter/Sweet → Bitter/Sweet
    All of Me → All of Me
    Stay Close → Stay Close
    Headline (2011) → Headline (2011)
    Lay Your Weapons Down → Lay Your Weapons Down
    Sunday Black (2011) → Sunday Black (2011)
    Waiting for Daylight (String version) → Waiting for Daylight (String version)
    Hush (Sleepthief remix) → Hush (Sleepthief remix)
    Hey Boy → Hey Boy

    stories from the beyond → Stories From the Beyond
    Flipside → Flipside
    Nektarios Meets F-Used → Nektarios meets F-used
    Joost Van Der Vleuten → Joost van der Vleuten
    Blue Six → Blue Six
    Martijn Ten Velden → Martijn ten Velden
    Jorn van Deynhoven → Jorn van Deynhoven
    Armin van Buuren → Armin van Buuren
    Sander Van Doorn → Sander van Doorn

    MUSICAL EVOLUTION (OVERTURE) → Musical Evolution (Overture)
    STYLLER → Styller

  • Live at the Wiskey a GoGo > Live at the Wiskey a GoGo

    Head On > Head On

  • 夢ノ浮舟 (Instrumental) -> 夢ノ浮舟 (Instrumental)
    果てなき肖像 (Instrumental) -> 果てなき肖像 (Instrumental)
    風道 (Instrumental) -> 風道 (Instrumental)


    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Apr 2012, 18:16

    Should be - "The Madness into which All things Flow"

  • BLAQ% (Theme) (feat. 이단옆차기) -> BLAQ% (Theme) (feat. 이단옆차기)
    우리 결혼까지 하자 (Inst.) -> 우리 결혼까지 하자 (Inst.)
    Papillon (Inst.) -> Papillon (Inst.)
    Deep Slow (Inst.) -> Deep Slow (Inst.)
    나는 나쁜놈입니다. (feat. P.O of Block B) -> 나는 나쁜놈입니다. (feat. P.O of Block B)
    2wind -> 2wind
    Sorry (Inst.) -> Sorry (Inst.)

    Thanks again! :)

  • Irytka said:
    Big Bang -> BIG BANG
    thank you very much.

    per the FAQ:
    In the circumstances where a page is shared between a few artists, the name of the artist should be written in a standard manner. For instance, should there be more than one artist with the name "Ram", it should be written as "Ram" and not as "RAM" or "RaM", etc.. (case sensitivity!).

    There are multiple artists with the name "Big Bang".

    • roauer said...
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    • 13 Apr 2012, 03:46
    you -> You

  • Ele é contigo > Ele é contigo

    Casa do Pai > Casa do Pai

  • Twinblads said:
    It's supposed to be Ms.OOJA, and not MS.OOJA. :)

    Source: Website

  • LXIA -> LXIA

    • dnnr said...
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    • 13 Apr 2012, 10:39


    One of the most popular Estonian band Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit is separated to 2 different artists. One is Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit (ja means 'and') and other is Vaiko Eplik & Eliit. It was same artist profile for years, it needed autocorrect, but still. Why is this two different now?

  • Heartsrevolution ----> HEARTSREVOLUTION

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