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Photob****t images not working again?

  • Photob****t images not working again?

    Is blocking all Photo bucket images again? None of the images in my journals or in my About Me section are showing up at all - again.

    If so, this is pretty ridiculous.

    Message from previous thread:

    This is really, really annoying.

    While I understand that the block was initiated in order to quell the spam wave, blocking one of the largest image hosting services online isn't a very great way to appease your users - particularly your subscribers. All of the images on my profile and in my journals are now defunct. Suffice to say, if the blocking continues, so to will my subscription.
    See previous thread here:


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  • It's temporary, yet necessary, measure i'm afraid. Please accept our apologies, we'll unblock this website as soon as it's practical.

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    • 9 Sep 2012, 02:24

    My comment did not post

    Sorry, I'm not writing it again. Too bad . I spent much time explaining my frustration wit & it's bad surprises since around June. This photo issue (the last time) has kept me from doing much to enhance my interest in doing anymore. Therefore my excitement for your product has bee declining for a while now. After this last photo issue, left the future rather uncertain about how this photo issue will be handled in the future. I would appreciate your staff giving us more details about these tech issues & what the future holds. I do not want to waste anymore energy to see this problem arise yet again. These are not the only problems that are truly about to run me off. I have two paid subscriptions & have turned many onto your product/service. I urge you to get back on track, keep it there & have a stable product once again. This is a real turn off. My best to your staff & I hope you get it together & regain the credibility you are losing with me. Thank You

  • Yeah, went on my page and my 'About Me', normally full of images referencing media I dig, is all gone. Sad. I hope this gets sorted, for I am giving a monumental pout and it is assuredly unpleasant to behold! It's strange, because any images inappropriate for here usually get pulled there (photo-bucket) expeditiously. Soooo, what the heck? Is photo-bucket getting a touch supine these days? Or is there a raid, if so, why isn't the raid a porn-image site instead of the notoriously vanilla photo-bucket? The whole affair is bizarre to me.

  • The spam wave that's happening on the forum has been utilizing Photo Bucket images and links in their spam posts.

    I'm guessing that the staff are trying to stop the spammers for the time being by temporarily blocking one of the sites they use in their routine, disrupting the amount of spam they can put out.

  • IRONICtypo said:
    The spam wave that's happening on the forum has been utilizing Photo Bucket images and links in their spam posts. I imagine the staff are trying to stop the spammers from using whatever template they have use to post spam by blocking one of the sites they use.

    So let's punish & inconvenience the 99% of lastfm users that aren't part of the "spam wave." To me, this is actually a victory for the spammers -- this site has now been disrupted to a greater extent.

  • Well thank you very much last fm!

    I use that upload page just only for my profile and the weekly topic artist of the week and the banner.
    This makes me very sad.
    You punished a lot users who doesn't want to spam only use that site for their hobby to make something great for their groups or own profile!

    Thank you very much!
    I thought we lived in 21st century.
    Well lets turn the clock back to 17th century and have party like it was 1699!

  • If it's to stop spam why doesn't target all photosharing sites? They've also blocked blogs. Maybe could form a partnership with a photosharing site that we could use without this hassle.

  • The block on Photobucket images and links has been removed by the staff.

  • Thank you!
    This makes me a lot happier ;)

  • I just noticed. Splendid news!

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