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Why importing Limited Edition CDs from MusicBrainz?

  • Why importing Limited Edition CDs from MusicBrainz?

    I'm a Auto-Editor at MusicBrainz, fixing and editing the MusicBrainz database so you guys at won't importing the wrong information of releases, when you start the big import of the MusicBrainz database.

    But recently I have realized that you actually have started importing, but you only import the Limited Edition tracklisting to the albums? This is especially for Japanese bands which often add bonus CD/DVD's to Limited Edition.
    (I'm mainly editing Japanese visual kei bands database at MusicBrainz)

    Some of the albums that recently has got the Limited Edition tracklisting at are:

    Example .1
    the GazettE - DIVISION (see the 2-disc tracklisting)
    DIVISION Limited Edition (初回生産限定盤) at MusicBrainz

    The tracklist that should be imported in this case, should be the
    Regular Edition (通常盤) at MusicBrainz

    Example 2.
    12012 - 12012 (see the 2-disc tracklisting)
    12012 Limited Edition (初回生産限定盤) at MusicBrainz

    The tracklist that should be imported instead, should be Regular Edition (通常盤) at MusicBrainz
    which doesn't have the 2nd bonus disc, that disc was limited offer only.

    Or is this just a bug, automatically selecting the first album in the list where there is 3-5 different editions of the same album avaliable at MusicBrainz?

    Japanese CD's that has got the 通常盤-text should be imported to, not the Limited Editions: 初回盤, 初回生産限定盤, and 初回限定盤.

    Thank you,

    • Bloopy said...
    • Forum Moderator
    • 5 Aug 2012, 22:20
    I noticed that since the start of July or so, has been importing releases when they are added to MusicBrainz. So it's probably because the limited editions were added to MB very recently.

  • SO, now I found another release that has got the wrong tracklisting importing from MusicBrainz:


    imported tracklist from 初回生産限定盤A (Limited Edition) CD+DVD on MusicBrainz

    but should have imported Regular Edition tracklist instead (marked as 通常盤): crew, Please fix this!!! Don't import the wrong edition!!!

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