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missing scrobbles

    • dgiak said...
    • User
    • 11 Jul 2012, 03:13

    missing scrobbles

    I used to have around 270k but after the power outage I only have 90k. Is this going to be fix at some point?


  • im having the same problem, all my songs from yesterday aren't scrobbled. are they going to be scrobbled eventually?

    • 666Ways said...
    • User
    • 11 Jul 2012, 06:21
    Same here, lost a little less than 20,000 scrobbles...I'm glad at least I'm not the only one...

    "This Body, this body holding me, be my reminder here that I am not alone".
    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 11 Jul 2012, 06:34
    the same problem. i had lost approximately 10 000 scrobbles from my account :-/

  • Same here!

  • Went from 81000 to 10000 myself. Someone posted in the outage thread that this should correct itself within 24 hours.

    Edited by DeathCab4Sam on 11 Jul 2012, 10:53
  • Gone from 82-83,000 here, down to just under 10,000.
    NOT happy!!

  • I also have lost a lot of scrobbles here. I'm very unhappy !!

  • same probleme here, but i had this problem once before and this was the solution:

    "This is a caching problem, and will normally fix itself within 24 hours."

    so let´s wait and see.

  • This problem seems to be solved... at least my profile page shows the correct number of scrobbles again.

    Recommended group: The Song Contest!

  • Any strange playcounts will resolve themselves within 24 hours once the odd playcount falls out of cache.

    • dgiak said...
    • User
    • 11 Jul 2012, 17:03
    My problem was sorted within the last 24 hours. Many thanks.

    • 666Ways said...
    • User
    • 11 Jul 2012, 21:52
    Thanks team, that was a pretty quick fix to the issue, all my plays seem to back where they should be :)

    "This Body, this body holding me, be my reminder here that I am not alone".
    • jamzrnb said...
    • User
    • 12 Jul 2012, 14:30
    I used to have 70000 over scrobbles and now I only have 50000 over. My tracks are missing today and it was the same way yesterday. :S

  • I have 5130 apparently!! I actually have over 21K..... :S

  • Now restored. This is just a caching issue, and will return to normal within 24 hours.

  • Thank you! :)

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