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Deleted songs from library

  • Deleted songs from library

    I'm not sure if this thread goes here but I had/have double scrobbles in my library and I was trying to get rid of them because I didn't listen to those songs twice and it was screwing up my library, but when I deleted them, it completely deleted them from my song list,all plays of them. Which now that I look back, it makes sense that it would do that. I was wondering if there was any way I could get those songs back and delete the duplicate songs, or if i have to listen to all three years worth of those songs again?

    • Babs_05 said...
    • Moderator
    • 9 Jul 2012, 17:01
    You can restored deleted tracks with this

    When tracks show up twice, it's usually just a display error. Best to leave it alone, it usually rights itself at some point.

    If you delete from your Library, go to the track page itself and hover over it to see the X, you'll see text to "Delete this scrobble of.... from your profile", this deletes just that one play on that time and date.

    /moved to Website Support from Client forum :)

  • thank you so much :)

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