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Artists Pictures Errors

  • Artists Pictures Errors

    For the past few weeks I've experiencing errors in the picture sections of artist pages. When I go to view an image (not the image itself... for now), the comments don't appear do to some kind of error and if I try to vote on the image the same thing happens. That's one thing, but here's the one that's getting pretty annoying.

    Like I said before I can click on an image and the it appears, but this is only for the first one i click on. As soon as I try to go to the next or previous one, it gives me an error message. I can go back to the main picture page and click on any other one and that works fine too, but if I want to scroll through artists photos quickly, these errors get very frustrating.

    Another thing I found today when I was on another computer looking through an artists pictures, none of the problems I said before were there. Everything worked fine.

    I don't think my main computer is to blame, but if it's something related to my web browser or anything like that please tell me so I can fix it.

    Hopefully this isn't a big problem for the folks or any other users. Thanks! :)

    • TabooEv said...
    • User
    • 15 Jun 2012, 05:54
    Yeah I hope it gets fixed soon =/

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