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Too many counts on my charts

  • Too many counts on my charts


    The week ending sunday 27 May has 9 songs with counters to high. The songs are:

    1. The Killers – Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine 111
    2. Ybu vs. Rae & Christian – Soul Magic 98 109
    3. LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator 102
    4. Beatsteaks – Vision 93
    5. Weezer – Mykel And Carli 85
    6. Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg 73
    7. Korn – For you 61
    8. Ozzy Osbourne – Hellraiser 51
    9. Club des Belugas – Hip Hip Chin Chin (Yaziko Club Mix) 27

    And if you look the details of each one you can see that date is the same, there is no differences. For example:

    Shows that the song was played 109 times at 22 May 2012, 16:12

    I want to know if this is a problem of or a problem of my scrobbler or something else and how can this be fixed?


    EDIT: I delete all counts for The Killers – Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine by mistake

  • Have you scrobbled an iPod recently? This will scrobble all plays of a track with the same timestamp.

    If not, can you let us know the client you were using to scrobble e.g. client, Spotify etc.?

  • Thans for your answer

    No, I haven't scrobbled an iPod or something similar.

    The clients I have used recently are
    TunesArt 1.2.2 and
    Grooveshark Scrobbler 1.0.5 (chrome extension)

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