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I've suddenly lost part of my played tracks in 'Recently Listened Tracks'

  • I've suddenly lost part of my played tracks in 'Recently Listened Tracks'

    I've suddenly lost part of my (iTunes-)played tracks in 'Recently Listened Tracks'. They can still be found in my and they HAVE been present on my, but at the end of yesterday part of them suddenly dissappeared from my online account with no reason. As far as I can see the problem regards only tracks played on June 3, and randomly so: ca. the last six tracks dissappeared, along with some tracks here and there during the day...

  • Could you give a specific example?
    And can you see the scrobbles on the tracks pages or in your library?

  • All tracks with a title starting with 'Der Freischütz' by Carl Maria von Weber, 8 of 10 tracks by Václav Tomášek. I can only see those in my application, not on the web: neither in my Recently Listened Tracks (see more/edit), nor in my library.

    Even worse, I do see all tracks with the title starting with Olympie by Gaspare Spontini in the Recently Listened Tracks, but neither do they appear in my library nor does Spontini appear in my most played artists of the week, even though the number of tracks (23) would certainly allow it to.

  • If you're going to look at Václav Tomášek's artist page, however, you'll see that [has recorded and counted most of the played tracks (all starting with Requiem) and has appointed me as top listener, without adding either tracks or artist to my library.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 5 Jun 2012, 02:32
    From the "Known issues" thread:

    Incorrect playcounts: your playcounts maybe incorrect or a lot less than you expect. This is a caching issue and should correct itself within 24 hours.

    I'm not sure if it's a caching issue, because tracks scrobbled two days ago are still missing from my library, even though they appear on the top tracks of the week and in the "Recently Listened Tracks".

    Honestly, I don't give a flying damn about play counts. I give a walking one, though, because I'm still here.

    Oh, I forgot to add: I appear as the top listener of the track, but there is no play count or listener count. Exhibit A.

    • nospr said...
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    • 8 Jun 2012, 04:59
    I've lost a few Bach tracks myself... I'm scared to keep scrobbling tracks that I've named myself. I'd like my library to have all the tracks I've actually played.

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  • This is making me wonder how many plays I've lost without noticing! I had the same problem when scrobbling some Niccolò Paganini. Seems to be a big problem with classical.

    (Gah, wrong thread. Meant to post this in here )

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