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Library count for plays is stuck

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 2 Jun 2012, 21:40

    Library count for plays is stuck

    I noticed this earlier this evening and thought nothing
    of it. Under the image of DJ Low Cut on my library list
    of plays it says 185 plays but I had scrobbled or thought
    I had a lot more since then. If you look on my profile page
    of recent plays the last DJ Low Cut track is Timeless Truth
    - Memorex Massacre, but on my tracks page the last track
    shown is Necro - Set It.

    and I can tell you that I have checked to see if the missing
    scrobbles/tracks were in the cache in the client and there
    are no cached tracks, and no I did not turn off scrobbling.

    Now this I do not understand this just checked all the
    albums I played
    as I had uploaded the covers for them and there should have
    been 22 plays but the page says 0. The same goes for
    which only accounts for 8 plays, yet I listen to the entire album
    consisting of 21 tracks.
    again has not registered any scrobbles or plays.

    I am listening again to these albums and have the diagnostics window
    alongside the client and the tracks are caching and then clearing as
    per norm, but the count play for DJ Low Cut is not going any higher.
    I will not keep posting every single track that is not scrobbling or showing
    but suffice to say that apart from the current song playing, according to
    the tracks page the last song is Self Provoked Fly With Me.. and I have
    listened to 2 DJ Low Cut tracks since then; 3 including those once cleared.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 3 Jun 2012, 19:32
    *Bump* library count for DJ Low Cut is still stuck at 185.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 4 Jun 2012, 00:06
    BUMP for the second time:

    My tolerance is -Zero I want to know why the play count for DJ Low Cut
    has not increased from 185 to whatever the count should be now.

    And to top that off, I am in a session of albums by ILLUS
    and I can see on my profile page that I have played 12
    tracks and according to my track page I have only 9 tracks
    accounted for, this erroneous count also appears in the artist
    page for ILLUS.

    Tracks not accounted for are as follows:
    HipHop vs. Rap
    Visions of Apocalypse*

    This is a problem I think as the track titles on bandcamp
    where both identical even though the times for each were
    different. This I can understand if cannot distinguish
    between the two, so will change one to see if that will help.

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