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Network issues with and Onkyo TX-NR709

  • Network issues with and Onkyo TX-NR709


    I've bought an Onkyo TX-NR709 because the Last.FM support (and HDMI) mostly.

    Discovered today that there are some restrictions and the service is being served on UK, US and Germany (there are no advices or notices of any kind... is nested on the "Downloaded" manual (not even printed on the standard manual).

    Not only I've spent a good amount of money on it, but I'm also a paid customer from years ago.

    I would like to hear which choices is providing customers with this setup, understanding the app is bundled with the receiver.

    I live in Argentina, and again, a paid customer.



  • I'm afraid you are correct, we are unable to provide streaming via this device outside of the UK, US, and Germany. The manual for your device does state that the services available on the device vary by region.

  • Thanks. This information does *not* exist in other than the "download" version of the manuals (this means: not on, not on the printed sheets, not in the box, not a disclaimer). It is nested around the downloaded version (that you won't be getting unless you have the device). does not have plans to provide a solution on this topic understanding that this is a main feature of the device and as a paid customer I've purchased it per advertisements?

  • Hi, is there any update?


  • The territories support are listed on our hardware page. We have no immediate plans to extend the availability of streaming beyond what's currently available, however never say never.

  • I didn't see that earlier. Thanks.

    Would be nice to prioritize this, considering that we use this service here too :)

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