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Deleting scrobbles with same timestamps broken

  • Deleting scrobbles with same timestamps broken

    So I've noticed an issue with trying to delete some of my scrobbles that have the exact same timestamps. These scrobbles originate from my ipod and the timestamp is set to whenever the latest play was.
    Since these seem to be inaccurate a lot of the time I want to delete some of them but not all of them however when trying to delete said scrobble ALL of the scrobbles of the selected song with that time stamp gets deleted.
    Seeing as at times that will attribute 20+ scrobbles it is pretty annoying to see all that data just go, hopefully this can get fixed asap.

  • Firstly, you can undelete any scrobbles using this tool.

    Secondly can you point us to an example track in your library please?

  • oh cool ill dig through there i bit later thanks.

    and theres one with about 6 scrobbles on it

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