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how could i add artists to my library together?

  • how could i add artists to my library together?

    hello! so.. do u remember?? whe n u first , after signed up at , they asked us to fill up some of our favorite artists??
    so i just want to write thos artists once again! no clicking on "add to library then.. save, i jus want to write the artist name and it will be added to my library!

  • Facet zaprosił mnie do kina i w połowie drogi pyta mnie: "A stać Cię na bilet..."?...i tak ma być.

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  • oh.. tnk u.

  • oh.. tnk u.

    • snyde1 said...
    • Subscriber
    • 28 Apr 2012, 05:47
    If you promise not to do that annoying misspelling any more (the word is you not u!) you can see the secret method. You need to promise before clicking the link.

    Improve your view of - add some User Scripts.
    Did I hear that right? Mondegreens - for the misheard word. Like Odds? Can't get better than Even Odds!

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