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Albums disappearing from the Library

  • Hope this gets fixed.

  • Yeah, me too. And still nothing, not even a reply...

  • Seriously, please, fix this. It's happening all over again with EVERY artist I listen to.

  • Can you give an example?

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  • Sure.

    All those tracks without an album written next to them should have an album written next to them.

  • Is this EVER gonna be fixed? It's starting to be annoying.

  • I'm seeing the same problem with a few artists in my library, for example:

    All of the affected tracks were originally scrobbled with correct album information.

  • It happens mainly with artists with more than 50 different tracks scrobbled. Those with less than 50 seem not to be affected by this problem.

  • At least tell me if it's being worked on or not. I can't stand it anymore, it's awful.

  • Does the correct album show up in the client? You should see the artist, track and the album. If not, it's either an issue with the album fields in your ID3 not being filled out correctly, or possibly an issue with the plugin.

    Can you let us know which version of the client you are using (have you tried the new beta)? What media player are you scrobbling from?

  • It happened to tracks already scrobbled, not to those I currently scrobble. They used to have correct album info in the library. All of them. Now they don't. The album info simply disappeared from random tracks. When I click on the track, it shows me which album it was scrobbled from correctly, and when I click on that particular album, all tracks are shown. It's only a problem of the main artist page in my library (the subpages (Albums, Tracks...) work properly). My albums are ALWAYS tagged correctly, so that's not a problem.

    As an example, half of Demi Lovato's album Don't Forget is now shown without an album info. The remaining tracks are shown correctly.

  • And one more thing, I've always kept an eye on my ID3 tags. My library was very organized, with correct album info attached to every track. I was proud of it. Now it's a total mess.

    PS: Even if it's not important, since it happens to tracks already scrobbled, my client version is and I'm using Winamp.

    PPS: And it happens to all users, not only me. They just don't give a damn, but I do.

  • Likewise, I always paid attention to what I was scrobbling, and made sure the tags were accurate.

  • Something I've noted: if you relisten to tracks that feature a missing album title, you can 'correct' it, and the album title again reappears.

    The only problem is that when you do that an album title suddenly goes missing from another track! So it's impossible to correct the missing album field manually, since they'll just disappear from another track.

  • sunheadbowed
    The only problem is that when you do that an album title suddenly goes missing from another track!


  • Oh come on, it still doesn't work...

    • reagan0 said...
    • User
    • 16 Apr 2012, 15:42
    My Library is showing the same symptoms, too. I just looked at my Eric Clapton albums, and many of the tracks that previously were associated to an album have lost that association. The 'Album' field is now blank. Actually, all of the affected tracks were previously scrobbled before this problem cropped up. If I browse to the album page, the scrobbles reappear, but just not in my Library.

    Also, I seem to have lost the ability to sort by the 'Album' field.

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  • Seriously? Still nothing? I've been considering becoming a subscriber for a long time, but I won't subscribe to something that doesn't work properly.

  • We're going to look into this, the album field appears to be filled once you click through to the track page, so there might just be a display bug somewhere.

  • Yup, it is filled when you are on a track page.

  • It's still not fixed? Seriously?

  • There are several bugs which are higher priority at the moment, we haven't forgotten about this one though.

  • Okay then... Guess we'll have to wait...

  • :( It's been nearly a month :(

  • still having this problem so adding to the chorus! how do things like this just suddenly break one day? :P

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