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  • 4802

    (13 listeners)

    darkstep, drum'n'bass

  • Ada

    (118,128 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, techno, electro

    There are at least 3 artists/bands with the name Ada. 1. Ada (Real Name: Michaela Dippel) is a German Melodic techno/electropop artist and producer.

  • Adam Beyer

    (70,431 listeners)

    techno, minimal, electronic, minimal techno

    Adam Beyer's music is synonymous with all that is exciting about techno. Having emerged as the figurehead of the hugely prolific Swedish techno scene, Beyer's focused and considered approach to his craft has worked to confirm his position as a globally recognized DJ and producer who headlines the worlds cutting edge clubs and festivals week-in-week-out.

  • Ampersand

    (4,716 listeners)

    electro, electronic, alternative rock, rheinkultur 2007

    There are, at least, five artists known as Ampersand: 1) A German noise rock / wertkonservativer herrenrock trio. 2) A San Francisco pop quartet. 3) A pseudonym of Matthew Sandstedt. 4) A German electro house DJ. 5) A pseudonym of Matt Hainsby (Fujiya & Miyagi founder).

  • Antonelli

    (7,154 listeners)

    minimal, techno, italic, electronic

    ANTONELLI , aka Stefan Schwander from Düsseldorf, has been one of the undisputed pioneers of german electronic minimal music for over a decade and stands alongside such great names as The Modernist, Wolfgang Voigt or Thomas Brinkmann.

  • Beirut

    (1,232,606 listeners)

    folk, indie, indie folk, singer-songwriter

    Beirut is an American indie-rock and world music band which was originally the solo musical project of Zach Condon (born Zachary Francis Condon in Santa Fe, New Mexico) and later expanded into a band. The band's first performances were in New York, in May 2006, to support the release of their debut album, Gulag Orkestar.

  • Black Lips

    (467,751 listeners)

    garage rock, garage punk, indie, garage

    The Black Lips are a self-described "flower punk" band which formed in Atlanta, Georgia, United States in 2000.

  • Bonaparte

    (136,950 listeners)

    indie, dance-punk, electro rock, dance punk

    Bonaparte is an independent electropunk band, from Berlin, Germany. They are led by Tobias Jundt and débuted with the album "Too Much" (2008, Staatsakt). Sites: Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia Official site: www.bonaparte.cc

  • Boys in a Band

    (640 listeners)

    indie rock, faroese, under 2000 listeners, alternative

    With one foot planted firmly in modern indie rock ground and the other wobbling about, Boys in a Band look backwards into music history, eclectically mixing that which they see fit into a musical melting pot of well calculated chaos.

  • Capracara

    (8,622 listeners)

    techno, electronic, disco, uk garage

    Capracara, derived his name from a type of Brazilian sandwich, consisting of gherkins, cheddar cheese and lime pickle. He does mostly handbag house style. See: www.myspace.com/capracara

  • Catweasel

    (69 listeners)


  • Chief Togusa

    (0 listeners)

  • Christian S.

    (422 listeners)

    minimal deep, under 2000 listeners

    Cologne based dj and producer. Style: house, deep house, techno, experimental ... Releases on Scheinselbständig ("YOU") and Firm ("Continuo"). Working on new material ...

  • Coma

    (256,435 listeners)

    rock, polish, polish rock, alternative rock

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Coma is a Polish alternative rock band, founded in 1998 in Łódź by Dominik Witczak (guitar) and Tomasz Stasiak (drums).

  • Cornadoor

    (6,224 listeners)

    reggae, german, roots reggae, under 2000 listeners

    Cornadoor is reggae artist from Germany

  • diegors

    (637 listeners)

    latin, electro, tech house, comeme

  • DJs Pareja

    (3,480 listeners)

    electronic, pop, house, argentina

    Djs Pareja have been playing for the most important clubs and festivals all around Argentina and Latinamerica since 1999, with their personal and eclectic style.

  • Dop

    (42,779 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, house, experimental

    dOP is a brand new trio from Paris, which is made up of Clement Zemtsov (beat programming), Damien Vandesande (keyboards and horns) and last but not the least Lelli (lyrics and vocals). Having released two very highly rated EPs on Milnormodern and Circus Company in 2007, they are about to embark on a tour of Europe’s top clubs in 2008.

  • Ellen Allien

    (284,309 listeners)

    electronic, minimal, techno, electro

    Ellen Allien (born Ellen Fraatz) is a successful electronic musician, music producer and the owner of the music label Bpitch Control. She lives in Berlin, Germany, but travels extensively. She sings in both German and English. Allien has said that one of the main inspirations for her music is the culture of reunified Berlin; her album "Stadtkind" was dedicated to the city.

  • Frittenbude

    (119,817 listeners)

    electropunk, electronic, german, electro

    Frittenbude is a German electronic/electropunk Band from Geisenhausen. They were founded in 2006 by Martin Steer, Johannes Rögner and Jakob Häglsperger. They are signed to Audiolith.

  • Gabriel Ananda

    (123,866 listeners)

    minimal, techno, electronic, minimal techno

    Gabriel Ananda was captivated by the sound of Classical music by the early age of 8. He was encouraged by his family to practice the cello, but it was through playing the guitar that fueled his motivation to continue to learn about music. The guitar became a useful tool to express his creativity, but Gabriel was not finished searching for his musical direction.

  • Gas

    (92,303 listeners)

    ambient, minimal, electronic, experimental

    Several artists have released recordings under the name of GAS: two electronic music composers, Wolfgang Voigt and Mat Jarvis, furthermore a Japanese hardcore band, a rock-band from Germany, and lastly an industrial band from Sweden.

  • Glowing Elephant

    (152 listeners)

    pop, rock, psychedelic, indie

  • Goldie Locks

    (6,384 listeners)

    hip-hop, uk, grime, dance

    Correct tag is GoldieLocks

  • Gonzales

    (271,379 listeners)

    piano, electronic, canadian, lounge

    1) A Canadian multi-talented musician / producer 2) An Italian punk 'n' roll band. 1) A Canadian multi-talented musician / producer (born Jason Charles Beck, aka Chilly Gonzales), known for his MC & electro albums (i.e. "The Entertainist" & "Presidential Suite".), plus his comical live shows. He is able to play the piano, guitar, bass, drums & various brass instruments.

  • Gus Gus

    (370,408 listeners)

    electronic, trip-hop, icelandic, downtempo

    Gus Gus, Iceland's leading techno/acid house band saw the light of day for the first time in 1995, during a break in the making of the shortcut "Pleasure". Initially Gus Gus was as a multimedia collective that combined sexually tinged dance music with visual arts and shorts made by the group's members.

  • Harmonious Thelonious

    (8,955 listeners)

    minimal, tribal, psychedelic, nu tribe

    Harmonious Thelonious is the new electronic venture of stefan schwander (aka antonelli) that directs you into minimalistic structures (american minimal music) in order to fuse them with african rhythm patterns. To be exceptionally hypnotic, the harmony and rhythm archetypes are merged, compressed, and twisted.

  • Hi:radiation

    (2 listeners)

  • Holosud

    (1,642 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, electronic, electronica, idm

    F. X. Randomiz: Born in Bamberg, Germany in 1968 as Felix Hoefner. First instrument was a flute, then the piano, where he got lessons for about 10 years. First analogue synthesizer in the age of 14.

  • Johannes Stankowski

    (968 listeners)

    folk, indie, electronic, pop

  • Jumpat

    (474 listeners)

    all, under 2000 listeners, seen live

  • Justus Köhncke

    (95,214 listeners)

    kompakt, electronic, minimal, techno

    Justus Köhncke (born in Gießen in 1966) is a German techno and pop producer. Justus was member of the house trio Whirlpool Productions. They had a #1 hit in Italy called "From Disco to Disco".

  • Kasper Bjørke

    (65,210 listeners)

    electronic, electroclash, electro, danish

    Danish electroica DJ and producer Kasper Bjørke is a man with a mission. To make beautiful music that comes from the dancefloor but is also great to listen to in your living room or riding your bicycle. Titled ‘In Gumbo’ to demonstrate the versatility of sound and the mix of people involved, the album is destined to become an electronic classic.

  • Kenneth Christiansen

    (68 listeners)

    Kenneth Christiansen has been djing all over Europe the last decade, playing @ Clubs like Fabric & Panorama Bar and at Festivals like Sonar & Roskilde Festival. Running the 2 labels Echocord and Echocord Colour, and co-owner/manager of the club Culture Box in Copenhagen.

  • King Peng

    (59 listeners)

    german, seen live

    King Peng ist eine Band aus Muelheim an der Ruhr!! www.kingpeng.de


    (12 listeners)

  • Kreidler

    (23,500 listeners)

    electronic, krautrock, electronica, post-rock

    Kreidler was founded in 1994 by Thomas Klein, Andreas Reihse, Detlef Weinrich and Stefan Schneider. In 1994 Kreidler released the first of their now 23 outputs, the album Riva. Schneider left only few years later and was replaced by Alexander Paulick.

  • Leolo Lozone

    (3 listeners)


    (2 listeners)

  • Malk

    (4,519 listeners)

    electronic, drum and bass, maximal, electro

    There are at least two artists sharing the name Malk. 1) Malk is a drum'n'bass producer form Minsk, Belarus. 2) MALK is a four piece dark surf/noise pop band from the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada.

  • Marcel Janovsky

    (1,729 listeners)

    minimal, house, deep house, techno

    Story begins in the 70's... into sound since then. Promised himself to try everything.. When he was 7. learned piano with 9. played bass guitar with 15. First piece of digital gear Commodore C=128 (still keeps first 8bit track made on it). Went really deep into 80's dark & new wave.

  • Marcus Worgull

    (7,385 listeners)

    deep house, house, electronic, innervision

  • Mathew Jonson

    (115,205 listeners)

    minimal, techno, minimal techno, electronic

    Mathew Jonson really is one of a kind. He's developed one of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance music: when you hear one of Jonson's tracks, you almost immediately know it's his. And yet there's no mistaking any given track for another.

  • Mathias Mesteno

    (2,385 listeners)

    deep house, house, techno, tech house

    Correct spelling: Mathias Mesteño (also known as Matt Vega) Since starting his career as a scratch dj at the age of 13, Mesteño has moved across the board, showcasing his skills and his passion for deep and driving, heavy house beats.

  • Matias Aguayo

    (90,459 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, techno, kompakt

    Matias Aguayo lives between Buenos Aires and Paris, DJing, making music, performing concerts alone and together with Marcus Rossknecht with their project "BROKE!".

  • MC Chevy

    (0 listeners)

  • Metronomy

    (696,435 listeners)

    electronic, new rave, experimental, electro

    Metronomy is an electropop group which formed in 1999 in Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom, originally as the solo project of Joseph Mount.

  • Micachu

    (140,939 listeners)

    experimental, electronic, indie, female vocalists

    Mica Levi, known by her stage name Micachu (born 1987, Surrey, United Kingdom), is an English singer, songwriter, composer,and producer. She is classically trained and is best known for experimental music in a variety of genres.

  • Micachu & The Shapes

    (19,538 listeners)

    experimental, indie, alternative, electronic

    Rough Trade Records are delighted to announce the signing of 21 year old Mica Levi AKA Micachu. Her debut album ‘Jewellery’ is released on Rough Trade Records on March 9th.

  • Michael Mayer

    (117,005 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, electronic, kompakt

    As a DJ, producer and remixer, Michael Mayer remains one of Germany's core celebrities in dance music. It's no secret that he spends his weekends traveling around the globe. It's likely throughout his career he's played in front of millions.