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  • Flyleaf

    (932,086 listeners)

    alternative rock, female vocalists, rock, alternative

    Flyleaf is an American rock band, formed in Belton, Texas, United States in 2000. They originated as a band called Listen, and then changed name to Passerby, but due to an existing band owning the rights to that name, their name was changed to Flyleaf after they were signed to their record label.

  • Grits

    (144,665 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, christian, christian hip hop

    GRITS (Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit) are a Dove Award winning hip-hop group from Nashville, Tennessee, made up of Stacy "Coffee" Jones and Teron "Bonafide" Carter signed to TobyMac's record label Gotee Records. They're both Christians, and their faith takes a central place in their music.

  • Skillet

    (1,056,074 listeners)

    christian rock, alternative rock, rock, alternative

    Skillet is an American rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, consisting of all Christian members.