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  • Au

    (69,090 listeners)

    experimental, avant-garde, freak folk, ambient

    There are 3 bands by the name of Au: 1) AU (pronounced "Ay-you") is the work of multi-instrumentalist Luke Wyland.

  • Coconut Coolouts

    (2,125 listeners)

    rock, garage punk, punk, indie

    Hey Boy, wanna laugh so hard the dust shoots out both nostrils? Wanna carve the bowls of hell on a cheese pizza? Can't skate? Guess you can van surf with Styles then, unless the vikes are too strong. Hidin' from the pigs in Dike Dale's Ponytail fingerpaintin' anarchy signs on your big brother's Elvis Costello record (the good one).

  • Experimental Dental School

    (8,020 listeners)

    experimental, noise rock, indie, noise

    The last Experimental Dental School record "Forest Field" (2009) is FREE. You can download it here: http://www.experimentaldental.com/free thanks!! Jesse/XDS

  • Hives Inquiry Squad

    (108 listeners)

    hip hop, avanthop, experimental hip hop, independent hip hop

    Hives Inquiry Squad hailing from Portland, OR is what the hip hop community needed in the era of "swag" and not "fresh".

  • Nurses

    (92,962 listeners)

    indie, experimental, psychedelic, indie rock

    Nurses have often been described as "off-kilter psych-pop". Longtime friends and band members Aaron Chapman and John Bowers originally hail from Idaho Falls, ID. After brief stints of relocating and several incarnations of the band, the two have since settled in Portland, Oregon since 2008 with the addition of band member James Mitchell.

  • Pierced Arrows

    (6,314 listeners)

    garage rock, rock, punk, portland

    Lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Fred Cole and bassplayer/vocalist Toody Cole along with drummer Kelly Halliburton, formed the PIERCED ARROWS in Portland, OR in 2007, a few months after Dead Moon's disbandment (previous group the Coles and drummer Andrew Loomis had for the past 20 years) in late 2006.

  • Ponytail

    (57,434 listeners)

    noise rock, experimental, math rock, noise

    There are at least two artists by the name Ponytail. 1) Ponytail was a noise rock band which formed in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in 2005.

  • Psychedelic Horseshit

    (26,252 listeners)

    lo-fi, noise rock, shitgaze, experimental

    Psychedelic Horseshit are a shitgaze band from Columbus, Ohio. The band usually consists of Matt Whitehurst and Rich Johnston, the former typically playing guitar and always singing, and the latter typically playing drums. They've had many, many bassists, almost nearing the fifteen mark.

  • The Intelligence

    (33,266 listeners)

    post-punk, lo-fi, experimental, noise rock

    The Intelligence is a lo-fi indie post punk rock band from Seattle, founded by Lars Finberg, drummer of the A-Frames.

  • The Pets

    (2,012 listeners)

    psychedelic, 60s, garage, under 2000 listeners

    There are a few bands named The Pets: 1. The Pets were an indie-rock band from Steinbach, Manitoba. The members of The Pets were Chris Peters, Matthew Peters, Myron Schulz and Stephen Senkiw. They released the album, Love and War, on Endearing Records in 2000; the album had considerable success on college radio in Canada. Members of the Pets went on to form The Waking Eyes.

  • The Whines

    (3,584 listeners)

    lo-fi, garage rock, pdx, shoegaze

    Karianne - Vocals/Bass Jesse - Vocals/Guitar Bobby - Drums From Portland, Oregon

  • Wampire

    (38,351 listeners)

    indie, psychedelic, portland, indie rock

    In 2007, longtime best friends Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps moved to Portland, Oregon and decided to start a band.

  • White Fang

    (6,652 listeners)

    portland, punk, garage, oregon

    White Fang is four lifelong friends (Erik Gage, Kyle Handley, Jimmy Leslie, Chris Uehlein). Formed in Portland, OR in 2005 while still in high school, first as a recording band, then as a folk band, then as a punk band, then as a noise band, then as a punk band again.