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  • Adam Zoom

    (324 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, puerto rico, rock boricua, sexy brillante

    Adam Zoom es un personaje lunático como salido de un B movie, un adicto de la remediación y el “spectacle”. Es un mensajero de discurso apocaliptico, de propuesta kitsch y contagiante discurso. - Trance Liquido 2006

  • Athaxia

    (79 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, under 2000 listeners, metal from puerto rico

  • Circo

    (6,911 listeners)

    rock, latin, alternative, puerto rico

    When the lead singer of El Manjar de los Dioses left the group, the Puerto Rico rock scene felt a void that we thought perhaps would never be filled. We soon learn we were wrong. Fofé (as he is known) formed Circo, with the drummer and keyboard player of his former group, and joined by the former bass player of Bayanga, and the former guitar player of Dosis.

  • Da' Zoo

    (9,040 listeners)

    latin, reggae, pop, electronica

    While a good number of new artists today choose to make music based on popularity trends to assure their success, Da’ Zoo bets on the fusion of rhythms to earn their spot on the artistic scene.

  • DJ Wiwi

    (57 listeners)

  • Don Segundo

    (414 listeners)

    reggae, ska, puerto rico ska, pablo

    Don Segundo is a ska and reggae band from the island of Puerto Rico. The group was formed in late 2005 as seven musicians from San Juan's punk and reggae music scenes came together to share their common love for Caribbean roots music. They started playing live shows under the name Don Segundo in May of 2006 and found an immediately receptive audience.

  • Dávila 666

    (18,497 listeners)

    garage rock, puerto rico, garage, rock

    Dávila 666 is a mutant band composed from the remains of many other boricua underground bands. They formed in the summer of 2005, when Sir Charles became tired of the projects he was involved in and wanted to play something simple and crude. AJ (bass and vocals) teamed up to create a spontaneous sound without fuss.

  • Habitat

    (1,109 listeners)

    death metal, under 2000 listeners, swedish death metal, sesac latina

    There are 3 Habitat artists on last fm: Swedish, Latin and USA 1) Swedish Death Metal band (Malmköping) formed in 1991. Side project of Leukemia members. Released 'Entombed in Habitat' demo in '91.

  • Ian

    (2,221 listeners)

    chillout, heavy metal, hip hop, under 2000 listeners

    There is more than one artist/band with the name 'Ian'. The first is a CCM performer with a more electronic/pop driven sound. He released only one CD in the early 90's and wasn't really remembered, though the material is solid and catchy.

  • Lay Off

    (3 listeners)

  • Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

    (325,067 listeners)

    ska, argentina, rock argentino, latin

    Los Fabulosos Cadillacs are a latin-rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formed in 1985, they released their first album, Bares y Fondas (Bars and Boardinghouses) in 1986. Since then they have released fourteen more albums.

  • Mima

    (2,162 listeners)

    sexy, playa, rica, nutella

    Yarimir Cabán, MiMa, nace en Santurce, Puerto Rico. Es cantante y compositora de temas principalmente en español.

  • Negros Vivos

    (82 listeners)

  • Pastilla

    (39,872 listeners)

    rock, indie, alternative, spanish

    Pastilla is the recipe for your ears to feast on the latest and greatest of Rock en Espanol by San Francisco indie Aztlan Records. Pastilla is already on the racks, with advance orders having flooded the distributor before the CD had even been pressed. The official kick-off for Pastilla's premiere release took place in Los Angeles at Leonardo's.

  • Polbo

    (2,196 listeners)

    puerto rico, indie rock, from puerto rico, rock en español

    En 1998 Alberto y Jorge Colón estudiaban física en La Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao. Alberto pasaba más tiempo tocando guitarra en los pasillos que estudiando y a “El Loser” se le ocurrió montar una banda. Chelo tocaría batería, Alberto la guitarra, Jorge se creía que podía cantar, a el gran Ricardito le prestaron un bajo para que aprendiera y El Loser tocaría la segunda guitarra.

  • Sintonia Retro

    (60 listeners)

    rock, indie, puerto rico, analogo

    Sintonia Retro: Marcos Carpena- VOZ Hector Jaca- GUITARRA Gabriel Carpena- BATERIA Carla Rodriguez- BAJO Locales de Puerto Rico, y estudiantes de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto Rio Piedras, donde se conocieron todos. La banda Sintonia Retro fue formada a mediados del 2007, se compone de Gabriel y Marcos Carpena, Carla Rodriguez y Hector Jaca.

  • somvazio

    (188 listeners)

    Somvazio, a Puerto Rican band that blends rock & roll with a pronounced electronic sound, has skyrocketed from within the underground Puerto Rican rock scene during the last year of its 5-year's of existence. They participated in a major music event (the Indie Rock Music Fest) which gathered more than 9,000 music lovers from all over the island.

  • The Death Set

    (57,234 listeners)

    dance punk, electronic, punk, ninja tune

    The Death Set (also spelled TheDeathSet or The DeathSet) is a music group formed in 2005 in Sydney, Australia by Johnny Siera and Beau Velasco. Six months after its inception the band moved to the East Coast of the United States, spending most of its time in Brooklyn, Baltimore and Philadelphia where the band found an audience for its style of spastic, cross genre punk rock.