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  • Barevný nátěr

    (242 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, funny, indie

    Je to punk-rocková juhočeská kapela. Hrajú v zložení: Tomáš Wortner - basová kytara, hlavní dozor; Mejla Mrkvička - kytara, hlas, kytara;Vašek Wortner - hlas, kytara;Jirka Červenka - bicí nástroje.

  • Drain

    (4,289 listeners)

    grunge, rock, alternative, alternative rock

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Drain is Butthole Surfers drummer and former Trance Syndicate head King Coffey with Bassist Owen McMann of the Cherubs and Guitarist David McCreath. 2) DRAIN is a metallic crust band from Maine, made up of Patrick Hasson (Auspicium, Avulse, Field of Spears, Wholy Failure) and Jake Newcomb (The Doldrums, Dreambox).

  • Děti deště

    (472 listeners)

    noise rock, silver rocket, czech, noise blues

    Hladová a nebezpečná tlupa na lovu zabijáckejch zvuků. Pravěkej kmen v industriální zóně, dávný společenství kytarovejch smrští. Prostě „chlív mazce“. Děti deště se neohlížejí, Děti deště nekoukají dopředu. Děti deště prožívají velkej třesk s každou vteřinou a jejich drátama svázaný krevní pouto řve do celýho světa: tenhle zvuk MAKÁ.

  • Hentai Corporation

    (1,391 listeners)

    crossover, progressive metal, czech, progressive

    Hentai Corporation is a Czech thrash-rock’n‘roll band from Prague. Being influenced mainly by classic rock and thrash-metal bands, they stand out thanks to vigorous live performances, imaginative instrumental lines and great vocals of their eccentric frontman, Radek Škarohlíd.

  • Husa na provázku

    (9 listeners)

    folk, czech

  • Krepsko

    (3 listeners)

  • MIDI Lidi

    (9,658 listeners)

    electronic, czech, electro, minimalistic

    MIDI LIDI is a electro-kraut-pop band „Midi Lidi“ formed in 2006 and was built up around the backbone of the group „The Beautiful removal man Gerard & his Sexual Furniture“.

  • Moss Call Lees

    (43 listeners)

    indie, under 2000 listeners, alternative, post-hardcore

    Moss Call Lees is indie-emo, trash band from České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

  • Nauzea Orchestra

    (81 listeners)


    Členové kapely Nauzea Orchestra: Ulrich ohne Eigenschaften - guitar, vocal, programming Mücke – vocal, keyboards Dieter mit Bockwurst – bassguitar Jens durch Durch– keyboards, programming

  • Navigators

    (15,558 listeners)

    funky, jazz, soul, norwegian

    3. NAVIGATORS (Norway) is the name of Trond Andreassen's — lead singer of the now split Ricochets — new band. As of November 2009 they have released one single, "Wall of stone", out on Sony Music.

  • Obří broskev

    (1,051 listeners)

    indie, czech, pop, rock

    Obří broskev (Giant Peach) is an indie-pop band from the Czech Republic which centres around the vocalist and songwriter Canny. Obří broskev began life as a simple student band in 1994.

  • OTK

    (3,675 listeners)

    alternative rock, czech, alternative, silver rocket

    OTK are a four-piece Czech alternative rock band. They formed in 1988 in Prague. The band went through a couple of line-up changes during its existence, but most recently, the four bandmembers have been Vít Holub (drums), Honza Žalud (bass), Honza Klempíř (keyboard) and Ondrej Ježek (guitar, vocals, lyrics).

  • Shogun Tokugawa

    (459 listeners)

    screamo, czech, hardcore, screamo-hardcore

    Shogun Tokugawa is a Gymnastic Screamo band formed Plzeň, Czech Republic in 2007. Afro - vox and scream Slimmer - guitar F1k - guitar Vojta - bass Ivan - drums http://www.bandzone.cz/shoguntokugawa http://www.stage.cz/shogun-tokugawa http://www.myspace.com/shoguntokugawa

  • Sunflower Caravan

    (3,912 listeners)

    indie, czech, piano, alternative

    A young trio from Prague, Czech Republic, which uses piano and hammond organ to play a mixture of alternative grooves and pop melodies, Sunflower Caravan enter the Czech music scene in October 2001. Members include: Ondrej Cermak (Andy), Vit Rosnecký, Michal Schich (Mitchell).

  • Tata BojsUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (18,364 listeners)

    czech, alternative, alternative rock, electronic

    Tata Bojs is a Czech alternative rock-electro band formed in Prague, Czech Republic in 1988 by Marek Huňát aka 'Mardoša' (bass) and Milan Cais aka 'Bublajz' (drums, vocal). Present members are: Mardoša, Bublajz, Vladimír Bár, Jiří Hradil and Dušan Neuwerth.

  • The Pooh

    (483 listeners)

    czech, stoner rock, garage, metal

    The Pooh were formed on Christams 2002. It took just a while and a very naive South Bohemian band had their first "show" (exactly on 7th January 2003). The band realized that they have many things to improve. This improvement lasted for almost one year and soon The Pooh began to spread their rock 'n' roll all over the South Bohemia.

  • The Prostitutes

    (12,547 listeners)

    czech, post-punk, indie rock, indie

    1)The Prostitutes, a punk rock band from USA, formed in 1996 in Harrisburg, PA. The band are now located in Long Beach, California. The band has been through a number of line-up changes with Kevin Prostitute being the primary member and songwriter.

  • Ticho de Pre Cupé Band

    (149 listeners)

    czech, rock folk, ska, my music

    Ticho de Pre Cupé Band is Czech music group originated from Milevsko. You can visit theirs web page http://www.ticho.net

  • V.V.V.

    (49 listeners)

    indie, czech, rock'n'roll, rock

    Hi we have moved our last.fm profile to VVV profile: http://www.last.fm/music/vvv PLEASE USE THIS NEW PROFILE AT THIS ADRESS: http://www.last.fm/music/vvv We are czech indie rock'n'roll band. Other band websites :

  • vosto5

    (1 listener)

  • WWW

    (8,850 listeners)

    experimental, hip-hop, czech, industrial

    WWW (previously "We Want Words") is a legendary project that, in the early 1990's, created the basis of the contemporary Czech hip hop scene.

  • Xavier Baumaxa

    (15,038 listeners)

    czech, folk, singer-songwriter, alternative

    Xavier Baumaxa is the stage name of Lubomír Tichý, born in 1973 in Most. He currently resides in Litvínov.

  • Xindl X

    (7,536 listeners)

    czech, folk, indie, alternative

    What Xavier Baumaxa introduced to the Czech lands – “rapping with a guitar” – has been brought to perfection and total success by Ondřej Ládek, known as Xindl X.