Norwegian festival of literature

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Saturday 30 May 2009


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The Norwegian Festival of Literature proudly presents:


“Once amongst the pioneers of Norwegian black metal, now living legends of dark experimental music, ULVER are today one of Norway’s most acclaimed international artists. While remaining something of a secret treasure back home, a long series of strong releases, most recently the album Shadows of the Sun (2007), has earned them a unique status worldwide.

ULVER have since their first album been exclusively a studio band. This being their first live performance in 15 years, the concert at Lillehammer is a historic event.

A statement from the band: Last year Mr. Stig Sæterbakken approached us with an offer to play live at the Norwegian Festival of Literature, and after long consideration we have decided to accept the invitation. We go to the job with great humility and horror. Ulver, Oslo, February 11 2009.”

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  • rakehell

    2 year anniversary today. Such a special memory.

    30 May 2011 Reply
  • 9Nails

    1 year anniversary today... best concert I've ever seen.

    30 May 2010 Reply
  • managatsuo

    i don´t like the sound from bootleg

    13 Jun 2009 Reply
  • Enig

    I'll just mention the Mølla festival 14. August. They'll play on a stage in the woods. Sounds inviting to me at least. The description of the location sold me

    10 Jun 2009 Reply
  • blackfeltfedora

    Just downloaded a bootleg from this show, I hope it sounds good.

    10 Jun 2009 Reply
  • burntheweb

    for sure I an second that Lillehammer's area is absolutely beautiful! And I'm trying to figure out a way to go to Trondheim :) After all Motorpsycho & Calexico also play there... so it could be fun

    8 Jun 2009 Reply
  • managatsuo

    you´re right I am in love with Norway as well beautiful county a people. concert was great I didnt like the end. I was hopeing for Vigil maybe next time somewhere...

    7 Jun 2009 Reply
  • jaimelyntew

    If you were thanking me, you're welcome!

    6 Jun 2009 Reply
  • AndyTheGoat

    Thank you :D

    6 Jun 2009 Reply
  • jaimelyntew

    I did "forgive them" a little for such a short concert as I went with someone who was not a fan and had never even seen them. He said that he really enjoyed it but had felt sorry for them as he had never seen a band so nervous before. He noted that Kristoffer stuttered when he spoke, kept silent while Tore was tuning his guitar for *that* long while and knocked into a guitar when he left the stage. I think that it is funny how all this mystery and percieved pretentiousness surrounds the band. They came across genuinely frightened, humble and thankful to me. This is just my opinion. Thanks for reading! By the way to all the Norwegians....I love your country. It is absolutely breathtaking. :)

    5 Jun 2009 Reply
  • jaimelyntew

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.... First of all, no matter what I actually thought of how the concert went, Ulver are my favorite band and t see them play live after so long was an honor and well worth the £1000+ I payed to attend. It was a real dream come true for me and something that I will never forget. When they came on I think they blew everyone away. The visuals were wonderful and fit the mood that the songs conveyed. I was a littlle confused as to if Porn Pieces was meant to have been played faster than usual and wish that Kristoffer had put more feeling into his vocals for it but it was great to hear that song played. The second half was a little under par and the ending was confusing as hell. I was expecting an encore when Jorn left the stage as this was such a huge event. It was OK though as I still got an hour of my life filled with something worthwhile. I really felt part of something big. All the fans in Lillehammer, there for one thing. Great

    5 Jun 2009 Reply
  • LeVay_

    I see only Like Music and Let The Children Go.

    5 Jun 2009 Reply
  • managatsuo

    i captured whole concert except in red, type ulver lillehammer hq or MrStrangelight on youtube

    4 Jun 2009 Reply
  • Vergeol

    Thanks a thousand billion times for the bootleg thing! Friggin happy with the show at the very least, acknowledge the overhuman effort to do a first show after 15 years of worshipping. Few days after, even more thrilled than on the actual concert that's priceless. Thanks to them.

    4 Jun 2009 Reply
  • perditioncity

    It was sooooo totally worth it! Unfortunately the personnel told me to put my camera in a locker, but it's nice to see that not all people were so obediant. To me, this really was a milestone I was looing forward to for ten years, but I never thought it would have actually happened. Yes, the show was short, but it was so intense that I had goosebumps during the entire show. I even walked out with my knees shaking :D

    4 Jun 2009 Reply
  • burntheweb

    Damn it.. I just back from Norway.. Yes, the show was TOO short, yes the mix wasnt optimal, yes it was expensive (Overall, I might have spend 800 EUR on that trip) but what an experience!! It's definitely one show I will proudly say I WAS THERE!!! The setlist was brilliant! I actually thought Rock Massive didnt work that well, but the last song... such a atmosphere finish!! they couldnt actually have finished better!! Visuals were awesome. Hearing from Krys that they are trying to set some more of those theater gigs for Europe is fucking appealing! But before it works, I might consider Trondheim! If I can afford it (I might just get a side ob for a month to make it happen!) To me this show is to set amongst the cult performances, like the Gathering's Sleepy Building or my first encounter with Sigur Ros live! Even a chick we met in Lillehammer and who never had heard of Ulver found it a great performance (and seriously, this must have been a heavy intro to their music!!)

    3 Jun 2009 Reply
  • DutchX

    3 Jun 2009 Reply
  • Husvik

    Nice job dude, some real good ones in there.

    3 Jun 2009 Reply
  • thenewrohirrim

    pics are online here: also on flickr: Feel free to use them as you see fit.

    3 Jun 2009 Reply
  • Husvik

    I don't worship anyone, I respect them for creating the music, and it's not their presence that won me over, it was the presence of their amazing music that got me. But then we agree, you are not a huge fan of Ulver.

    3 Jun 2009 Reply
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