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  • Abaddon Incarnate

    (5,215 listeners)

    grindcore, death metal, brutal death metal, deathgrind

    Abaddon Incarnate was formed in 1994 in Dublin, Ireland with the aim of playing fast death metal with grind elements.

  • Anaal Nathrakh

    (107,692 listeners)

    black metal, grindcore, industrial black metal, death metal

    Anaal Nathrakh was created for one purpose - to be the soundtrack for Armageddon, the audial essence of evil, hatred and violence, the true spirit of necro taken to its musical extremes.

  • Ava Inferi

    (26,029 listeners)

    doom metal, gothic metal, gothic doom metal, female fronted metal

    Onyx is a gem of mysterious qualities. Multilayered and appearing in many beautiful hues this rare stone has inspired artists since ancient times.

  • Behemoth

    (360,130 listeners)

    death metal, black metal, blackened death metal, metal

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Behemoth is a Polish blackened death metal band from Gdańsk.

  • Destruction

    (181,118 listeners)

    thrash metal, german, german thrash metal, metal

    Destruction are a German thrash metal band formed in Lörrach, Germany in 1982. They are considered one of the "three kings" of the Teutonic thrash metal scene; the others being Kreator and Sodom. They were first known as Knight Of Demon with the original line-up being vocalist and bassist Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer, drummer Tommy Sandmann, and guitarist Mike Sifinger.

  • Draconian

    (176,123 listeners)

    doom metal, gothic metal, gothic doom metal, female fronted metal

    Draconian is a Swedish gothic doom metal band, formed in Säffle, Sweden in 1994. The band consists of Anders Jacobsson (vocals, writing), Heike Langhans (vocals), Johan Ericson (guitars, writing), Jerry Torstensson (drums, percussion), Daniel Arvidsson (guitars), Fredrik Johansson (bass), and Andreas Karlsson (keyboards, programming).

  • Finntroll

    (354,538 listeners)

    folk metal, black metal, viking metal, finnish

    Finntroll is a folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They combine elements of black metal and folk metal. Finntroll's lyrics are mostly in Swedish, the only exception being the song "Madon Laulu" on Visor Om Slutet.

  • Gronibard

    (10,385 listeners)

    grindcore, porngrind, goregrind, french

    Gronibard started in ‘98 as a joke-band with an ever-changing line-up of gays eventually counting up to nine members among which Albatard (bass), Anal Capone (vocals) and Necronembourg (guitars & vocals) would keep the trve kvlt gay spirit for more than ten years now.

  • Gwydion

    (12,715 listeners)

    folk metal, viking metal, portuguese, black metal

    Gwydion's journey started in 1995, a project founded by a group of friends that shared the same passion for metal and interest in Celtic culture.

  • Hacride

    (22,159 listeners)

    progressive death metal, progressive metal, death metal, technical death metal

    Hacride is a band from Poitiers, France. They play their own brand of progressive/technical death metal, with thrash metal influences. Hacride have released 1 demo and 4 albums so far: Cyanide Echoes in 2003 Deviant Current Signal in 2005 Amoeba in 2007

  • Holocausto Canibal

    (2,800 listeners)

    goregrind, grindcore, death metal, brutal death metal

    Holocausto Canibal is a band from Porto that was manifested during the Autumn of 1997, assembled by erstwhile members of acts such as Nephrit, Web, Dying Season, Wintershades and Impious in vocalist Ricardo Silva, guitarist Nuno, bassist Zé Pedro and drummer João Lamela.

  • Kathaarsys

    (4,255 listeners)

    black metal, progressive black metal, progressive metal, doom metal

    Kathaarsys is an innovative music organization including J.L Montáns (guitar & voice) and M. Barcia (piano & bass) The first album "Portrait Of Wind And Sorrow" appears in 2005 and it includes already all this experimenting extreme side of music together with some atmospheric, acoustic and even rock elements. This first opus collects really good reviews in many international media.

  • Mata Ratos

    (2,018 listeners)

    punk, portugal, street punk, oi

    Mata Ratos is a Portuguese Punk Rock band formed in 1982 and still active. Their first studio album wasn't released until 1990, with "Rock Radioactivo".

  • Midnight Priest

    (692 listeners)

    heavy metal, traditional heavy metal, metal, nwobhm

    Midnight Priest A heavy metal band from Portugal. "The legend of MIDNIGHT PRIEST was born on the streets, under the sign of Heavy Metal and Punk, a chaingang of outlaws, criminals and infamous bastards, risen from the grave, and ready to raise hell.

  • Moonspell

    (316,252 listeners)

    gothic metal, doom metal, black metal, dark metal

    Moonspell is a Portuguese Gothic Metal band with elements of Black Metal. Moonspell was formed in 1989 as Morbid God. After renaming themselves Moonspell in 1992, they released their first EP Under the Moonspell in 1994, a year before of the release of their first album Wolfheart. The band quickly gained status and became one of the most recognizable metal bands from Portugal.

  • Napalm Death

    (259,976 listeners)

    grindcore, death metal, brutal death metal, metal

    Napalm Death is a grindcore/death metal band from Birmingham, England. The band was formed in the village of Meriden near Birmingham, England in 1981 by Nicholas Bullen and Miles Ratledge.

  • Necris Dust

    (91 listeners)

    symphonic black metal, black metal, melodic metal, melodic black metal

    Necris Dust is a melodic black metal band from Barcelos, Portugal. The project started on January 2005 with Xavier as guitarist, Sobral playing drums and Barbara on the keys and violin, with the purpose of create music characterized by plenty of melody to oppose a heavy sound and a dark and melancholic ambience.

  • Novembers Doom

    (94,689 listeners)

    doom metal, death metal, death doom metal, death-doom metal

    Novembers Doom is one of the earliest U.S. death/doom metal bands that are still active today. The band is from Chicago, Illinois. They are currently signed to The End Records.

  • Sargeist

    (32,936 listeners)

    black metal, raw black metal, finnish black metal, finnish

    A black metal band formed in Lappeenranta, Finland in 1999 as a solo project of Shatraug. The current line-up is: Shatraug - Guitar (Horna, Behexen) Hoath Torog - Vocals (Behexen) Horns - Drums (Behexen)

  • Temple of Baal

    (7,270 listeners)

    metal, black metal, french black metal, french

    When it comes to French Black Metal, Temple of Baal is often mentioned as an example of integrity and excellence.

  • The Endgate

    (8 listeners)

    thrash metal, death metal

  • The Rotted

    (8,012 listeners)

    death metal, grindcore, brutal death metal, deathgrind

    The Rotted was formed from the ashes of Death Metal / Grindcore ensemble Gorerotted by ex-members Ben McCrow, Tim Carley, and Phil Wilson, along with Gian Pyres (ex-Cradle Of Filth, Christian Death…

  • The Spektrum

    (1,373 listeners)

    melodic black metal, melodic death metal, portuguese, black metal

    The Spektrum arose in October 2005 in Leiria, Portugal, when a group of friends with similar musical influences formed the band. The original members of the band were Dyrion – Vocals, Engraved - Guitars, Abigor - Guitars, Zouzahammen - Bass, and Lulu - Drums.