• Concert and festival list

    20 Jun 2013, 13:48 by onemoregirl

    A list of every concert and festival I've ever been to and every band I ever saw in chronological order. I left out all musicals.

    17/03/2003 Avril Lavigne Try To Shut Me Up Tour
    Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam
    Avril Lavigne
    Our Lady Peace

    12/06/2004 EO Jongerendag
    Gelredome, Arnhem
    Third Day
    Normal Generation?

    Somewhere in the Summer of 2004
    Jovink en de Voederbietels

    30/09/2004 Avril Lavigne Bonez Tour 2004 - Eyes
    Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam
    Avril Lavigne 2
    Bowling for Soup

    08/10/2004 The Gathering
    Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
    The Gathering

    12/01/2005 Green Day American Idiot Tour
    Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam
    Green Day
    New Found Glory

    16/03/2005 Good Charlotte
    013, Tilburg
    Good Charlotte
    The Explosion

    11/06/2005 EO Jongerendag
    Gelredome, Arnhem
    Rachael Lampa
    Paul Colman

    07/07/2005 Green Day American Idiot Tour
    Ahoy, Rotterdam
    Green Day 2
    Jimmy Eat World

    31/08/2005 My Chemical Romance
  • Le Compte Rendu (french)

    1 Mar 2008, 12:43 by Bruno1898

    Sam 16 fév. – The Smashing Pumpkins, Oceansize

    Départ samedi matin tôt de Bruxelles et rencontre avec Leena dans l’Eurostar, discussion très sympa.
    Vu l’arrivée « tardive », Je m’étais fait à l’idée de ne pas pouvoir obtenir de bracelet pour la séance de signatures du groupe, donc je ne me suis pas rendu au Zavvi tout de suite… Leena m’envoie un message qui me dit que tout est parti, mais que certains ont peut etre un extra…
    Donc me voici au Zavvi ou je remarque Jérome "Frenchy" que je vais saluer. Evidemment, 10 minutes après j’avais mon bracelet. Encore grand merci, et à charge de revanche pour un de nos prochains trips communs sur Bruxelles ou ailleurs !
    Rencontre de Gabrielle également pour mes tickets pour le show. Merci merci encore ! Très sympa également malgré notre contact un peu court. Il va de soi que je rendrai la pareille si je peux le faire la prochaine fois.
    Les craintes que j’avais eu en lisant trop les avis sur le show de Paris se sont déjà envolées au…
  • 2007: the live experience

    27 Jan 2008, 21:56 by Temujin

    Instead of just doing a list of all the gigs I been to this year (which you can see here anyway), I want to do something different and share my 10 favourite gig moments of 2007.
    (in chronological order, by the way)

    Patrick Wolf - Manchester Academy 3 - 18/2/2007
    The overall gig wasn't that awesome, but when he did the Childcatcher...oh man. He was growling, spitting out the lyrics, really excercising his demons. It was incredibly intense, and he was completely out of breath after this.

    Joanna Newsom - AB - 18/4/2007
    Again, not a super-awesome gig, but: at the end, they played Peach Plum Pear and Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie back to back. My 2 favourite J-no songs. I closed my eyes, and just started to melt away. I was the quiet little center of the universe.

    Daft Punk - o2 Wireless festival London - 16/6/2007
    I was all "meh, seen this all before" (and I had - their Pukkelpop performance in 2006 is still the best live experience I ever had). Until that ultra-heavy bass thumping from Technologic kicked in. …
  • Top 10 quiz, aka *BORED*

    7 Dec 2007, 10:36 by Nevyn_says_HI

    Because I'm extremely bored and put up with a broken ankle and I have to sit all day I'm doing this thing again! Jeej!

    Name your top 10 most played artists on Last.fm:
    1. CocoRosie
    2. Iron & Wine
    3. Broken Social Scene
    4. Eels
    5. Modest Mouse
    6. Calexico
    7. Joanna Newsom
    8. The Decemberists
    9. Devendra Banhart
    10. The Microphones

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Cruel, but if you count the split EP with Iron & Wine, it would be He Lays in the Rains

    What is your favorite album of 2?
    The Creek Drank the Cradle

    What is your favorite lyric that 5 has sung?
    I could buy myself a reason.
    I could sell myself a job.
    I could hang myself on treason.
    Oh I am my own damn god!
    (This Devil's Workday)

    How many times have you seen 4 live?
    Not once, but I'm definately going to see them this spring.

    What is your favorite song by 7?
    That would be Only Skin

    What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10?
  • cross my heart and hope to die

    4 Dec 2007, 16:30 by smimarchie

    saw the Liars last night at the supersweet digital magazine launch.

    That's the second time I saw them this year (I was also at pukkelpop in August) and they were amazing both times. Properly amazing as well - where you're transfixed and held in the moment and don't notice time passing or how many songs they've played or think about how you're going to get home or whatever.

    Just wanted to make a note of this to myself really, so I don't forget how great it was. However, if you get a chance (and are remotely interested in their music) you could do a lot worse for an evening's entertainment.
  • Punching Power by The Arcade Fire in Vorst

    3 Nov 2007, 13:46 by rumpelsteal

    Fri 2 Nov – The Arcade Fire, Arcade Fire, Clinic, Wild Light

    Yesyes.. a second chance for The Arcade Fire after their concert this summer on pukkelpop. They were the main reason I went that day and to be honest, it was a bit of a disappointment. Courtesy of the soundpeople (the sound was just plain awful) but that wasn't the only reason that day. Win Butler's voice was definitely in need of a powerboost. At the end of the concert they came through and -always look at the bright side- it could only go better this time.
    I was able to see a bit of Clinic before The Arcade Fire came on stage. Never heard of them before. They certainly had 'style'. Faces hidden behind surgeon masks they looked a bit like a decent version of the texas chainsaw massacre murderers. Quite nice outfits, though I didn't fancy their music that much. Anyways, after a long wait the group everybody was waiting for took the stage - no less than ten people on stage and an awful lot more instruments, the show was on!
  • PUKKELPOP 2007

    3 Oct 2007, 08:23 by diazapam

    Gio 16 Ago – Pukkelpop


    Si sa che d'estate il Belgio: acquazzoni con brevissimo preavviso ed escursioni termiche tra notte e giorno anche di 25°.
    Quest'estate il Belgio in certi giorni: cielo coperto con assenza di precipitazioni e un po' di freddo la sera…le condizioni ideali per un festival.
    Certo in un festival in Belgio anche: teenager fiamminghi (non esattamente le persone più pacate), cibo pessimo, guadi e sabbie mobili nei crocevia più calpestati.
    Ma se il festival in Belgio è il Pukkelpop tutto questo è accompagnato da una line-up e un'organizzazione perfette come solo anni e anni di esperienza possono assicurare e a provarlo è l'enorme monumento a pannelli rotanti dedicato a tutte le 22 edizioni del festival.
    Basta poco per rendersi conto che uno dei principali punti di forza e protagonisti di questo evento è il prato del "Kempische Steenweg" a Kiewit-Hasselt. …
  • pukkelpop 2007

    27 Aug 2007, 21:53 by Special_K_ate

    Thu 16 Aug – Pukkelpop

    it was my 1st festival. it was a long trip/flight through london ( i enjoyed sleeping on da floor in a sleeping bag ;) )

    camping was the only one thing i didnt feel comfortable about... i didnt feel safe there for sure, besides it was COLD and i was freezing. damn...
    the food was total crap... o_#

    but music was EVERYTHING i needed THERE..

    i`ll be short:

    but i want MORE. more festivals next year. i want ROSKILDE. anybody`s going?

    pukkelpop 2007
    APSE - post rock band. really really good.
    LIARS- crazy stuff.loved it so much!
    Eagles of death metal - so so, expected smth more . smth more positive..
    Editors- not bad
    fall out boy - MISERABLE
    My brightest diamond - WONDERFUL .. amazing voice.
    Devendra Banhart- his music is for listening at home. live he sounded really different.... but the cute man!
    Kaiser Chiefs - ok.
    Digitalism- i was half alive, dancing with closed eyes
    Devotchka- lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    biffy clyro - saw for a lil` while. seemed to be ok
  • Zaterdag 19 augustus, lichamelijke geseling, mentale verwennerij

    27 Aug 2007, 10:49 by Dreetn

    Thu 16 Aug – Pukkelpop

    In sommige verhalen oogt de zaterdag een stille dag te zijn, in sommige evenementen echter verschilt de zaterdag niet veel meer qua decibels dan de dagen voordien. Pukkelpop is er daar één van. Alhoewel..., met CocoRosie, The Shins, Spoon & Absynthe Minded deed Pukkelpop toch enigsinds een poging om de geluidsmeters een wat rustigere dag te bezorgen. Louter theoretisch dit alles natuurlijk, want sommige prestaties van bovenstaande groepen lokten dergerlijk luide reactie van het publiek uit, dat menig trommelvlies toch aan flarden werd gebruld.

    Hellogoodbye dat de Marquee mocht openen was in dit opzicht geenszins een gevaar, want de powerpoprock die de Canadezen angstvallig door onze gehoorgangen probeerden te pompen kende maar weinig weerklank. Ook onze wonderwel reeds geopende ogen begonnen stilaan het gevecht tegen 'le marchand de sable' te verliezen. Het leek er dan ook op dat de jongens allemaal wat teveel onder de indruk waren van het feit dat Sonic
  • Pukkelpop Festival 2007

    25 Aug 2007, 14:14 by Aquifolium

    Pukkelpop Festival 2007

    Thursday 16th

    this was the first Band I went to see on Pukkelpop. they played in the smaller club and played some good Indy Rock. really nice to start the Festival.

    The Draft

    One of my personal headliners already. I saw them a year ago already in a small crowded venue. This time on a big stage. Nevertheless their sound was intense and they played a really good show. they also played some new songs which haven't been recorded yet which made the show a real highlight. See you next time when you're around.

    The Fire
    Being on the festival with my Italian Friends from A Place In The Sun made me kinda curious when they revealed that The Fire are in fact living in the same town as they do and are good friends of them.
    I never heard anything from The Fire before but the show was amazing. Reminding a lot the Foo Fighters but also doing it really professional, they got the crowd on their side and made their appearance a real highlight. thumbs up!