Paganfest II

Paganfest II House of Blues (Sunset Strip)
Sunday 17 May 2009

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Sunday 17 May 2009

House of Blues (Sunset Strip)

8430 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA 90069
United States
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Tel: (323) 848-5100

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  • Oskoreien

    Professional photos, shooting notes and a show review available at

    20 May 2009 Reply
  • TheMadGod

    it was fucking awesome!!! hail primordial!!!

    19 May 2009 Reply
  • Know-Know

    It was the SHIT!!! They played alot of party music! Hahaha...

    18 May 2009 Reply
  • Know-Know

    Tonight is the night! Ha!

    17 May 2009 Reply
  • theoncegreat

    Sick bro...shreddy shreddy gnar gnar....lololololvikinglololol.

    17 May 2009 Reply
  • Arkengel

    See you all there on sunday! Who will be joining me for a Blue Moon?!

    14 May 2009 Reply
  • Know-Know

    I'm going & I have an extra ticket!!! What???

    13 May 2009 Reply
  • DreadfulYgg

    Damnit, why does this show have to be right in between two others shows I want to go to more? =( I fucking HATE May.

    12 May 2009 Reply
  • nDroae

    Okay, this week's issue has an image ad... with Eluveitie in it?

    2 May 2009 Reply
  • nDroae

    House of Blues ran an ad in the LA Weekly last week with Eluveitie still in the list. But they didn't even devote one of the little images to this, so they obviously don't care. :-P

    2 May 2009 Reply
  • Strykke

    Damn straight!

    13 Apr 2009 Reply
  • EVILteddie

    "Hopefully that means Moonsorrow will now be able to fit in more than one or two songs." Or just play a song from Havitetty!

    12 Apr 2009 Reply
  • Dahnlor

    With Eluveitie out, all bands get a longer set! Hopefully that means Moonsorrow will now be able to fit in more than one or two songs.

    9 Apr 2009 Reply
  • Strykke

    Such unfounded and pointless insults and attempts to belittle me by Mr. Generic himself taking his name from that lame ass show Metalocalypse.

    2 Apr 2009 Reply
  • Strykke

    What does Dimmu have anything to do with this? I simply enjoy the fruitful melodies created in the original stormblast.

    2 Apr 2009 Reply
  • Strykke


    2 Apr 2009 Reply
  • ethniu

    Tulkaapa Äijät!

    4 Mar 2009 Reply
  • Horbat

    haha XD

    3 Mar 2009 Reply
  • skwigelf

    haha says the guy who listens to dimmu borgir

    28 Feb 2009 Reply
  • Strykke

    About time Moonsorrow comes, they better play a goddamn great set, I'm only going for them. Not those wannabe pagan sellout bands.

    22 Feb 2009 Reply
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