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Past event
Friday 28 August 2009 Sunday 30 August 2009

Aspatria, Silloth

United Kingdom
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Solfest is a family festival held at Tarnside Farm, Tarns, Silloth, Cumbria CA7 4NQ

Solfest is a festival designed to support the local community as well as festival enthusiasts from further afield, and is intended to be enjoyed as an experience in its own right. We want all our artists/performers to receive the same amount of support, whether they are a big name international act or a smaller local performer.

We believe that there are too many festivals where tickets are sold for individual gigs/sessions and this encourages visitors to “cherry-pick” the big name acts without supporting the festival as a whole, often leaving insufficient tickets left for people who want to stay for the duration of the festival.

We also believe that the amazing atmosphere found at really good festivals usually has very little to do with the music. It is a product of the shared experience of thousands of people, from very different walks of life, forming a community, and living together in a single place for a weekend which generates something very special. Organisers do not create festivals; they are created by the people who support them.

All this obviously has implications for us as well – if, for example, we can only get a licence to sell say 5000 tickets, we want them to go to people who will support the whole festival.

For these reasons, we are not releasing a detailed list of exactly when each act will perform or selling tickets for individual sessions.

We believe that by having a great line-up and by making our tickets some of the cheapest available for any festival this summer, we can ensure that people will want to stay for the whole weekend and by doing so, contribute to making Solfest a fantastic experience for everyone!
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