• Sets, Rugs & Rock 'n' Roll

    11 Jul 2010, 22:42 by pathfinderpat

    Sun 26 Jul – Folk by the Oak

    My weekend visit to London also included a little trip to the countryside. On Sunday, my mate John and I took a short train ride to Hatfield in Hertfordshire to attend the second annual Folk by the Oak festival that takes place in the scenic Hatfield House. This is a one-day festival that is quite inexpensive and extremely relaxed and full of British acts that play folk and traditional music. John knew a lot more of the bands’ music than I did, but I quite enjoyed the music, the performers, the audience, the cider and the craic. The price of the tickets proved to be extremely good value at the ridiculously low price of 29 quid. The organisers even encouraged guests to bring their own food and drink. The price of the drink on sale at the venue was even cheaper than in the pubs in Ireland and there were no queues to the bar as many people seemed to have brought their own. The quality and the quantity of the food on offer was the only downside. …
  • Music and trees.

    27 Jul 2009, 22:18 by strawpig

    Sun 26 Jul – Folk by the Oak

    I've written (and ranted) about my feelings about this event as an event elsewhere in the universe so I'll stick with my thoughts about the music. I'll start by saying, everyone was absolutely fantastic and all played brilliantly, there wasn't a dud act on the line up and the setting was great.

    First up were The Shee, they're a scottish group who were nice and bouncy! I've been listening to them a lot ever since a friend of mine (who was in university with one of them) recommended them to me, so I was really looking forward. They really didn't disappoint! Very tight and bouncy and they used the low strings on the harp to provide a really weird (but very cool sounding) bass line. They could have done with a more interactive audience but were excellent none the less.

    Chris Wood was up next, he was a much more mellow affair. Very good story songs. His guitaring was very repetitive, but not in a bad way, almost hypnotic and very chilled out.