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  • Alameda

    (5,900 listeners)

    rock andaluz, progressive rock, flamenco, pdx

    There are at least two artists known by the name Alameda: 1.) A Spanish Jazz Fusion Band 2.) A modern folk trio based out of Portland, Oregon.

  • Albert Pla

    (47,568 listeners)

    cantautor, catalan, spanish, singer-songwriter

    Albert Pla-Àlvarez (born 22 September, 1966 in Sabadell, Barcelona) is a Catalan singer-songwriter.

  • AlbertuchoUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (30,093 listeners)

    rock, spanish rock, spanish, rock de autor

    Albertucho es un jovencísimo cantante que escribe. Escribe versos cotidianos nacidos de sus vivencias, casi todos en primera persona y los empapa en melodías que acaba expresándolas con su dulce y desgarrada voz.

  • Amadablan

    (29 listeners)

    rock, rock andaluz

  • Amenoskuarto

    (3,928 listeners)

    rock, heard in concert, spanish rock, rock urbano

    AmenoSKuartO is a spanish rock band influenced by other rock bands like Extremoduro or Marea... Go to http://amenoskuarto.com/ and download their songs.

  • Avalanch

    (55,497 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, spanish metal, spanish

    Avalanch is a heavy/power metal band formed in Asturias, Spain in 1993. Led by composer, producer and guitar player Alberto Rionda, the band has released 6 studio albums, plus a handful of compilations, DVDs and English versions of their works.

  • Bad Religion

    (1,058,583 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, political, rock

    Bad Religion is a punk rock band from Los Angeles, California, known for poignant, erudite lyrics, and biting social commentary.

  • Barra Libre

    (66 listeners)

  • Boikot

    (68,487 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, ska, spanish

    There are at least 2 groups under name Boikot 1) Boikot is a Spanish left-wing punk/rock group. The group started in 1987 singing in bars and private locals.

  • Breed77

    (50,989 listeners)

    metal, flamenco metal, nu metal, hard rock

    Playing a fusion of alternative metal and flamenco, this London-based quintet, originally from Gibraltar, have built up a loyal following through their live shows. The band consists of Rui Lopez (vocals, percussion), Danny Felice (guitars), Pedro Caparros (guitars), Stuart Cavilla (5-string bass) and newest member;Andre Joyzi (drums).

  • Bucéfalo

    (16 listeners)

    hard rock

  • Celtas Cortos

    (74,949 listeners)

    celtic, folk rock, spanish, rock

    Spanish music group of celtic rock. It was formed in Valladolid (Castilla y León) in 1986. Eight friends, four of which played in the group Almenara decided to participate in a music contest under the name "Colectivo Eurofolk". They won the first prize and continued to play together changing their name to Celtas Cortos.

  • Cría Cuervos

    (210 listeners)

    ambient, dark ambient, industrial, drone

    Behind Cría Cuervos is Italian artist Eugenio Maggi. The name of his ambient musical project is a direct reference to Carlos Saura's movie of 1975 depicting a childhood world torn between reality and imagination, an elliptical universe where each detail is thrown into relief in a devious way. It is an apt metaphor for how Cría Cuervos' music operates onto our mind and senses.

  • De Acero

    (38 listeners)

  • Def con Dos

    (23,513 listeners)

    rap metal, rapcore, spanish, metal

    Def Con Dos or DCD (Spanish for Def Con Two) is a metal rap band from Madrid, Spain. Greatly influenced by hip hop bands Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and Run D.M.C.

  • El Combolinga

    (820 listeners)

    spanish, flamenquillo

    El Combolinga was founded in Madrid, Spain. Their music is product of a combination of different music styles, partially due to the different influences of the members of the band. Flamenco, namely rumba style, and a strong Molotov type influence imported by Juni, the drummer and almost official show man of the band!

  • El Desván del Duende

    (1,792 listeners)

    latin, under 2000 listeners, heard in concert, rumba

  • El Puchero del Hortelano

    (28,189 listeners)

    flamenco, fusion, mestizo, rumba

    Young Flamenco band from Granada (Spain). There are diverse influences in their music from styles as diverse as reggae, rock and classical. The instruments used (trumpet, cello, flamenco box, base drum, distorted guitar) are unique too. The lyrics are both socially involved and funny.

  • El Tío Calambres

    (1,129 listeners)

    funk, reggae, alternative, spanish

  • Eskorzo

    (20,143 listeners)

    ska, fusion, reggae, mestizo

    Eskorzo is a Spanish eight-piece Latin ska band formed in 1996. Their first recording is a demo called Rock de Libertad. An album called Si Las Cabras Pueden, Nosotros Tambien followed. Eskorzo perform a fusion of reggae, ska, Latin rock, and punk, and their lyrics are often based on controversial social issues such as racism and war.

  • Falsalarma

    (17,599 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, spanish rap, hip hop

    Falsalarma is a spanish Hip Hop ensemble from Sabadell, Barcelona. consisting of: DJ Neas (DJ), Dycache Santiago (producer), and the brothers El Santo (David Navarro Romero, Mc) and Titó (Angel Navarro Romero, Mc).

  • Fonzie

    (8,323 listeners)

    punk rock, pop punk, punk, portugal

    Formed in 1996 in Lisbon, Portugal. Their name was inspired by the fictional character of the TV series "Happy Days". Actually: * Hugo Maia (Vocals/Guitar) * Daniel Marques (Lead Guitar) * Carlos Teixeira [2003-2011] (Back Vocals/Bass) * João Marques (Drums)

  • Gatillazo

    (8,170 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, punk iberico, hardcore

    Punk rock band from the Basque Country, created by Evaristo from La Polla Records. We never wanted to do it, but the circumstances made us. The necessity confabulated with the occassion and we fell in the trap with no regrets. We could've avoided it, but we could've starved to death.

  • Hamlet

    (23,490 listeners)

    metal, spanish metal, alternative metal, thrash metal

    Hamlet is an alternative metal band from Madrid, Spain. Active since 1987, they are considered one of the biggest bands of alternative metal in Spanish. Their sound is characterised by strong riffs layered with melody, coupled with a very melodic voice that is sometimes raw.

  • Ilegales

    (39,555 listeners)

    rock, spanish rock, spanish, punk rock

    There are two bands with that name: 1) Rock band formed in 1980. The following year they won the Villa de Oviedo contest and get to publish 3 tracks in a compilation. Their first LP, called Ilegales, appeared in 1982, and since then they've consistently been one of the main Spanish rock bands.

  • Imán, Califato Independiente

    (94 listeners)

    progressive rock, spanish progressive rock, rock andaluz, symphonic rock

    See Imán Califato Independiente. Symphonic/progressive rock band from Spain formed in 1976 by Iñaki Egaña (bass), Manuel Imán (guitars) from the band Goma, and Kiko Guerrero (drums). In 1977 keyboard Marcos Mantero joined them. With the band closed, the chosen name was: Imán Califato Independiente.

  • Jethro Tull

    (968,448 listeners)

    progressive rock, classic rock, folk rock, rock

    Jethro Tull is a progressive rock / folk rock band which formed in Blackpool, Lancashire, England in 1967.

  • Jorge Salán

    (7,064 listeners)

    guitar virtuoso, progressive metal, hard rock, spanish rock

  • Koma

    (24,129 listeners)

    metal, thrash metal, hardcore, rock

    6 bands with the name Koma: 1. KOMA is a Thrash / Punk band with political lyrics and comes from Pamplona (Spain). They started in 1994 and recorded their first Demo in 1995. After they recorded 8 albums mixing Groove Metal, Punk and Rock´n´Roll with little touches of basque culture.

  • Konflikto

    (82 listeners)

    folk-punk, punk, ska, anarquista

  • La Taberna de Moe

    (696 listeners)

    rock, punk rock, spanish rock, spanish

  • Lendakaris MuertosUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (26,710 listeners)

    punk, punk-rock, basque, punk rock

    Lendakaris Muertos is a comedy-punk band from Pamplona, Spain.

  • Lole Montoya

    (21 listeners)


  • Los Chunguitos

    (17,596 listeners)

    rumba, rumba gitana, gasolinera, spanish

    Los Chunguitos are a Spanish rumba group from Vallecas, Madrid, formed in 1973. The group's nucleus was the three brothers Juan, Manuel, and Jose Salazar, whose aunt was the flamenco singer Porrina de Badajoz. Their sisters, Toni and Encarna, sang backup and would later go on to success on their own as Azucar Moreno.

  • Los Delinqüentes

    (120,474 listeners)

    flamenco, spanish, fusion, rumba

    Los delinqüentes es un grupo musical andaluz, originario de Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), originalmente compuesto por Miguel Ángel Benítez Gómez, Er Migue, Marcos del Ojo (conocido como Er Canijo de Jeréz) y Diego Pozo Er Ratón y su Banda del Ratón.

  • Los Niños de los Ojos Rojos

    (401 listeners)

    fusion, folk, world, spanish

  • Los Suaves

    (63,452 listeners)

    rock, spanish rock, rock urbano, hard rock

    "Los Suaves" is a rock band from Ourense, Galicia, Spain, started by two brothers, Charly Domínguez and Yosi Domínguez, in the early eighties. In the very beginning, they were influenced by Phil Lynott's band, Thin Lizzy.

  • Maggot Brain

    (46,043 listeners)

    grunge, stoner rock, hard rock, rock

    Born in 2001 in Cáceres, Spain. Three albums. Three guitars. Eclectic Rock And Roll under a Funkadelic name. They have opened for bands like HYDROMATICS, THE FLESHTONES, RAGING SLAB, MOTHER SUPERIOR or THE GODFATHERS. Current lineup:

  • Mamá Ladilla

    (23,773 listeners)

    rock, punk, spanish rock, humor

    A funny mixture of progressive rock, metal, punk and hilarious lyrics, Mamá Ladilla was born as a band in Madrid, in 1994. Twelve years later, they have improved their instrumental skills and are still writing one of the best and funniest lyrics in Spanish rock.

  • Medina Azahara

    (28,907 listeners)

    rock andaluz, heavy metal, hard rock, spanish

    The year was 79 when five young lovers of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd and decided, after several failed attempts, form a band with professional aspirations.

  • Misfits

    (811,493 listeners)

    horror punk, punk, punk rock, hardcore punk

    Misfits are an American punk rock band formed in 1977 in Lodi, New Jersey. The band's lyrical and graphical focus covers retro science-fiction, horror, and B-movies. Originally led by singer and songwriter Glenn Danzig until their initial breakup in 1983, the band was later resurrected in 1995 by Jerry Only without Danzig, and continues to exist.

  • Mägo de Oz

    (180,668 listeners)

    folk metal, spanish, power metal, heavy metal

    Mägo de Oz is a Heavy Metal band from Madrid, Spain, formed in mid 1989 by drummer Txus. In 1992, the band became a finalist in the "Villa de Madrid" contest.

  • Nacha PopUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (95,856 listeners)

    pop, spanish, 80s, spanish pop

    Nacha Pop fue uno de los grupos más entrañables e importantes de la movida. En 1978 Nacho García Vega y Carlos Brooking coinciden el colegio Liceo Francés y se unen a Jaime y Antonio Vega para formar un grupo. Los comienzos musicales más anecdóticos que otra cosa se descubren tras el nombre de Uhu.

  • Ni por favor ni ostias

    (632 listeners)

    punk, hardcore, oi, ska

  • No Relax

    (24,361 listeners)

    punk, ska, punk rock, ska punk

    No Relax is a band formed during a joint tour of Ska-P and B.D.P. in 2004 (Bambole Di Pezza) in Italy, where two protagonists Joxemi and Micky have met. They have released two albums, "Gridalo!" (2004) and "Virus de rebelión" (2006), both being Punk-Rock at base mixed with Swing, Reggae and other genres. The last one comes in two languages - Italian and Spanish, for Europe and Latin America.

  • Nocturnia

    (2,094 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, spain, poser metal

    Nocturnia is a power metal band from Toledo and Castille La Mancha in Spain formed in 2001 on the Avispa label. Current members are: César Ortiz - Vocals Roberto Moreno - Guitar Salvador González - Guitar César Arroyo: Bass (Dulcamara, Supra) Jose María del Cerro "Chema" - Keyboards

  • Noi del Sucre

    (4 listeners)

    punk, cnt, lorenzo, anarquismo

  • Ojos de Brujo

    (188,169 listeners)

    flamenco, spanish, fusion, latin

    Ojos de Brujo ("Sorcerer's eyes" in Spanish) is an eight-piece band from Barcelona, Spain formed in 1998.

  • Piperrak

    (22,223 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, basque, ska

    Piperrak es un grupo de música punk de La Ribera (entre La Rioja y Navarra, España) Empezaron los 90 deambulando por los escenarios de la zona.

  • Raimundo Amador

    (27,292 listeners)

    flamenco blues, blues, spanish, flamenco fusion

    Raimundo Amador Fernández es un cantante, guitarrista y compositor español originario del barrio de las 3000 viviendas de Sevilla. Comenzó tocando junto a Kiko Veneno y a su hermano en el grupo Veneno. En 1995 debuta en solitario con su disco Gerundina, cuyo nombre hace referencia al nombre de su guitarra.