• Summersault festival '96, Fremantle

    3 Oct 2010, 03:18 by earthcrossing

    Sun 7 Jan – Summersault

    As a 15 year old I attended this concert (I'm 30 now) and I wrote about it in my high school diary. So bear with me while I travel back in time for some squealing...

    13th Feb 1996

    God! When did I last write? I can't believe I haven't even told you about SUMMERSAULT...

    Well, here we go:
    -We went
    -We saw them
    -Pat smiled at me!
    -Dave kept asking if everyone was alright + told us to help people who were hurt! (He's so cute)
    -The food was expensive but good!
    -I lost James's sunnies!
    -I had to pay 4 a new pair.
    -I got sunburnt

    We also saw:

    Sonic Youth 10/10
    Jawbreaker 10/10
    The Amps 10/10
    Pavement 10/10

    Now, on to musica!
    The BEST place to catch a singing babe is at the annual Summersault concert, which (as you know) was held this year on January 7. The most well known bands included the Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Jawbreaker and the Amps (Kim Deal and MacPherson from The Breeders).