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  • Argy Bargy

    (5,409 listeners)

    oi, street punk, punk, punk rock

    Argy Bargy is a British Oi! / Street Punk band from London. They have taken their name from the famous Cock Sparrer song. ALBUMS: Drink, Drugs and Football Thugs Songs From The Streets 100% Thug Rock (Split with Discipline) The Likes Of Us Hopes, Dreams, Lies & Schemes

  • Bad Co. Project

    (1,894 listeners)

    oi, punk rock, street punk, punk

    BAD CO. PROJECT was brought into being in early 2006, resulting from the split up of OXYMORON in late 2002.

  • Cock Sparrer

    (68,579 listeners)

    oi, punk, street punk, punk rock

    One of the first Oi! bands, Cock Sparrer was playing loud, raw, Cockney working-class anthems as early as the first wave of British punk, although record company difficulties prevented them from issuing much material until the early '80s, when the Oi!movement was well underway.

  • Crashed Out

    (1,244 listeners)

    oi, punk, british, street rock

    Crashed Out formed in 1995 their first album: 'This is our Music' was released in 1996 and in 1998 the second 'Here Now & Real' album was born.

  • Des-kontrol

    (1,268 listeners)

    streetpunk, punk, basque, punk rock

    DES-KONTROL it's a band from Mondragon, a industrial town in the Basque country.We´re playing since 1996, most of our gigs have been in the Basque Country, but we also have played in Germany , Austria, france, spain, portugal and in the U.S.A. Our influences vary from basque punk, english traditional oi!, english and american punk- rock, streetpunk, NYHC, to some Rock & Roll.

  • One Way System

    (24,379 listeners)

    punk, street punk, oi, punk rock

    One Way System first lit up the second wave punk revolution with their fresh faced, no nonsense sound in the early eighties, when Oi! and skinhead culture had all but rejected the original punk ethic. One Way System managed to bridge the gap.

  • Secret Army

    (847 listeners)

    punk, all, street punk, punk rock

    1) Oi! - PUNK band with strong POP influences from Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). https://twitter.com/secretarmybcn http://secretarmy.bandcamp.com/ https://myspace.com/secretarmybcn https://www.facebook.com/secretarmy

  • Stomper 98

    (6,580 listeners)

    oi, skinhead, street punk, ska

    Stomper 98 gründeten sich im Januar 1998. Eine komplette Besetzung mit Niko (Gesang), Holgi (Saxophon), Sebi (Bass), Michel (Gitarre), Nudel (Gitarre) und Shorty (Schlagzeug) stand erst im Oktober 1998.

  • Suburban Rebels

    (1,040 listeners)

    oi, punk, street punk, spanish punk

    Street Punk band from Barcelona formed in 1993. Their songs deal with the Skinhead lifestyle, fighting, drinking, boots, hippie killing... Heavily influenced by the "Cockney Rejects" as well as by many spanish punk bands such as Eskorbuto.

  • The Bite

    (568 listeners)

    pop punk, punk, power pop, punk rock

    MOD band from the city of Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). They started in 2007 with the ideal to make music similar to 1979 Mod Revival. But in few months they acelerated their sound wich currently reminds even punk-rock. The band has already recorded 2 ep´s and 1 album, all stuff in vinyl format.

  • The Crack

    (5,045 listeners)

    oi, punk, punk rock, skinhead

    Although they are best remembered as being members of the Oi! punk movement, the Crack were actually closer to the musical stylings of punk popsters 999 and mod rockers the Chords than any of their Oi! brethren (the Business, Cockney Rejects, etc.). On the musical scene since 1982, when they won a national televised battle of the bands, the Crack didn't release their debut album until 1989.