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  • Ace Ventura

    (45,608 listeners)

    progressive trance, psytrance, progressive psytrance, psychedelic

    Ace Ventura is Yoni Oshrat, a 31-year old Israeli with a rich musical background. Born in a musical family (his father is a famous Israeli composer and song writer, for instance behind the Eurovision song "Halelujah") and previously working in the TV and movie-industry as a sound producer before he discovered trance in the beginning of the nineties.

  • D-Nox

    (7,958 listeners)

    minimal, progressive trance, electronic, d-nox

    With a career now entering its 14th year, DJ and producer D-Nox is one of Germany’s elite deck wizards. His precise mixing skills, track selection and unique on-stage charisma, is what gives D-Nox the ability to transform any party into an electronic carnival.

  • dimitri nakov

    (519 listeners)

    trance, psytrance, psy trance, muito bom

    Curious from an early age after having been exposed to Jazz, Brazilian MPB, Bossa Nova, Classical and Fela Kuti/Nigeria '74 while still very young led Dimitri to explore Warehouse then Acid-House and Ibiza at the age of 14. Jumping forward to 1995 Dimitri was assisting DJ Sasha in the studio, then co-managed and ran Roger Sanchez's Narcotic Records.

  • Gabe

    (4,883 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, ambient, techno

    Three Artist are named Gabe 1) The famous brazilian DJ Gabriel Serrasqueiro, who is behind the projects Wrecked Machines and Growling Machines, now created his Techno project named "Gabe". In his tracks we can find colaboration of many acclamated DJs, like D-Nox & Beckers, Ido Ophir and others. His songs are being played all over the world, by names like Hernan Cattaneo and Laurent Garnier.

  • Gaz James

    (47 listeners)

    electronic, techno, tech house

  • Growling Machines

    (14,710 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic, full-on, full on

    Growling Machines means Growling Mad Scientists and Wrecked Machines. This project started in 2006, dj Gabe(Wrecked Machines) and members of GMS were always producing music together, so they decided to start this project to produce this fusion.

  • King Roc

    (9,290 listeners)

    house, electro, electronic, minimal

    R.I.P. 2012 DJ mag has tipped it: "2008 will be the year King Roc claims his crown". His collaboration with Secretsundaze Giles Smith, Two Armadillos, has had huge success with tracks on Buzzin' Fly, Dessous, Four:Twenty, and King Roc's own label, Mutual Society, was described by IDJ as "the best thing he'd ever done".

  • Krome Angels

    (8,485 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic trance, full on, trance

    KROME ANGELS is a collaboration of three of the leading producers of trance music, Dino Psaras, Frederic Holyszewski and Shanti Matkin. Dino Psaras ( www.dinopsaras.com www.myspace.com/dinopsarasmusic ) started DJ’ing acid house at the age of 15 years old, he soon went on Primal Scream’s tour "screamadelica" with Paul Oakenfold, Mark Moore.

  • Pixel

    (16,449 listeners)

    glitch, experimental, psytrance, raster-noton

    There are multiple artists that use the name Pixel: (1) Former Jazz saxophonist Jon Egeskov, a sound musician who creates experimental sounds in the ambient, minimal, and glitch realms.

  • Stephan Bodzin

    (133,598 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, techno, electronic

    Stephana Bodzin (born August 4,1969 in Bremen) is a german DJ, techno-producer und owner of a Label.

  • Wrecked Machines

    (36,092 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic, psychedelic trance, trance

    Dj Gabe shows up in the brazilian eletronic scene in 2000. This time, he was working at Galeria Ouro Fino, the temple of the electronic scene in Brazil, having contact with the most renamed techno Djs like Renato Lopes, Gil Bárbara, Mau Mau and many others. But it was on the trance scene he established himself.