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  • Anna Brzezińska

    (6 listeners)

  • D-Bomb

    (15,523 listeners)

    disco polo, dance, polish, polskie

    The band came into being in 1996, in Piastów (PL).

  • Dance Express

    (2,071 listeners)

    polish dance, polski dance, disco-polo, under 2000 listeners

  • Etna

    (13,012 listeners)

    reggae, polish, ska, polish reggae

    Etna biography Having the distinction of releasing three albums under three different names but without changing their personnel, this quartet from Sicily includes the brothers Agostino and Antonio Marangolo (drums and keyboards, respectively), their cousin Carlo Pennisi on guitar, and Elio Volpini on bass and sax.

  • Video

    (39,294 listeners)

    pop rock, polish, rock, pop

    1) Rock band from Poland formed in 2008. Discography: 1. 'Video Gra' (2008), 2. 'Fantastyczny lot' (single, 2009), 3. 'Nie obchodzi nas rock' (2010). www.video.art.pl 2) Punk band from Denton/Austin, Texas, USA.

  • Yokashin

    (2,045 listeners)

    rock, polish, polish rock, hard rock

    Yokashin is a rock band from Poland, formed in 1995 by Zbyszek Bieniak (vocal), Piotrek Traczyk (vocal, guitar), Tomek Targonski(guitar), Rafal Turek (bass guitar) and Piotrek Konarski (percussion). They go down in polish rock history thanks to 'Zabic siebie' ("Kill Onself") song.

  • Łzy

    (47,514 listeners)

    polish, rock, pop rock, female vocalists

    Łzy (Tears) is one of the most famous polish pop-rock bands founded in Pszów in 1996. Band members are: drummer Dawid Krzykała, keyboardist Adrian Wieczorek, guitarists Adam Konkol and Rafał Trzaskalik, and singer Ania Wyszkoni, who with her specific voice makes the band recognizable.