More bands confirmed

  • More bands confirmed

    Roadburn is pleased to report that UK hardrock / metal heavyweights Orange Goblin will play the Thursday Roadburn date, Thursday, April 23. 'Orange Goblin are honoured to be invited back to take part in the Roadburn Festival 2009', says Ben Ward. 'It's our 7th appearance at the festival that keeps going from strength to strength each year and we see the main stage at Roadburn as the perfect place to record our live album, which is what we'll do! The atmosphere and the vibe at Roadburn is always better than anywhere else in the world so we look forward to rocking with old friends and new fans alike!' The live-album will be released in the Roadburn-live series: first releases in that serie are going to be Wolves in the Throne Room live at RB08 and Year of No Light/Fear Falls Burning-Live at Roadburn 2008.

    Also scheduled to appear are AMON DÜÜL II, Black Sun, The Devil's Blood, Farflung, Gomer Pyle, Motorpsycho [headliner], Radio Moscow, Alexander Tucker, Ufomammut, White Hills & Wolves in the Throne Room amongst others.

    We're very pleased to report as well that Holland's very own THE DEVIL'S BLOOD will return to the Roadburn stage, after their scorching debut appearance (their first ever live perfomance) at Roadburn 2008.

    THE DEVIL'S BLOOD ARE at this point perhaps the most unique and doubtlessly the best band to perform Occult Psychedelic Rock. Sharing similarities with no other contemporary band and simply dazzling the listener with a combination of extremely melodic and darkly subversive music in the vein of Roky Erickson, Coven, Black Widow and Jefferson Airplane, the Cult have thus far blasted away any and all competition.

    With a definite desire to stay for all intents and purposes an underground group the cult choose not to align themselves with the bigger labels, who are at this point signing all bands that create occult rock they can find, but to rather to work closely with their two smaller labels in order to achieve a maximum effect without the loss of the integrity that they so cherish. This has so far resulted in a 7' (The Graveyard Shuffle,Van Records) and a CD/LP (Come, Reap, Van Records& Profound Lore Records). Both of these releases have been greeted with unprecedented enthusiasm by fan and critic alike.

    As the spiritual side of The Devil's Blood has always been, at least, equally important as the musical side, the cultists have distinguished themselves through their live rituals which are very austere and ceremonial.

    The Devil's Blood, never interested in cheap thrills and short term effect, create an atmosphere akin that of a church mass, with a constant musical presence and mantraic vocal delivery. Suggestive scenery helps the viewer to achieve a meditative state that set him or her loose from the surroundings and facilitates a fully mental and sub-mental experience. Blood, worn as a sign of fealty to the Luciferian spirit, becomes the herald of a magnificently ritualistic musical presentation.

    The Devil's Blood urge the onlookers to let all their inhibition flow and to join them in this ritual, they accept and indeed encourage all forms of debauchery, violence, love, hate, sex, drugs use, and all other forms of hedonistic fire and see this energy as a direct offering to the Eleven names of Chaos.

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