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  • Día De Furia

    (1,273 listeners)

    post-hardcore, spanish, hardcore, rock

  • Gecko Turner

    (28,927 listeners)

    downtempo, lounge, trip-hop, jazz

    Gecko Turner (Fernando Echave) was born and raised in the San Roque district of Badajoz, Spain, a town about halfway between Madrid and Lisbon, Portugal. As a teenager, he fell in love with The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones. The Stones led him back to Elmore James, Leadbelly, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed and other blues greats.

  • Jit

    (173 listeners)

    cybergrind, gorenoise, rock, hard rock

    The name "Jit" could refer to one of the MSPA music team artists, Erik "Jit" Scheele. Or it could refer to the genre.

  • Krakovia

    (7,280 listeners)

    rock, rockabilly, alternative rock, punk

    Glam / Punk / Rock group from Spain / Rockabilly

  • La Carrau

    (6,715 listeners)

    catalan, catala, folk, patchanka

    La Carrau is a Catalan group from Terrassa whose music is based on folkloric sounds. They have released three albums: "Una dotzena" (2002), "Quin bori bori" (2004) and "Dins la taifa" (2007)

  • No Reply

    (5,222 listeners)

    swing, thrashcore, ska, neoswing

    There are at least six musical artists that call themselves No Reply: 1. A Spanish swing/ska/jazz band. 2. An English rock group. 3. A Czech crossover band. 4. A Californian hardcore punk band. 5. A 90's emo band from Houston, Texas. 6. A Korean indie duo.

  • Sherpah

    (387 listeners)

    mestizo, fusion, barcelona sound, under 2000 listeners

  • Sorkun

    (4,306 listeners)

    alternative rock, female vocalists, basque, rock

    During the 90s Sorkun was the lead singer of Kashbad. She colaborated with many other basque bands most notably Fermin Muguruza of whose band she became and is still a regular member.